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Success is about listening to what you want, understanding your resources and what you need to happen. Measurably increasing your return on investment, because strategies and solutions are focused on your objectives.

With specialists in behaviour and business process optimisation, our team look at how businesses interact with their people, customers and other stakeholders. Then work collaboratively with businesses to drive out waste and optimise their processes. This is largely through some form of digitisation, resulting in web applications and operational software to manage their systems, processes and KPI's.





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Supporting Businesses Through COVID-19

Economic growth was slow before the pandemic. The resultant lockdown and social distancing will undoubtedly create more drag. It was hard to grow quality companies before COVID-19, now it will be even harder.

Inform > Innovate > Integrate > 247 VISION

Our cloud hosted solutions offer the same comprehensive suite of applications included in most ERP systems, without the costly hardware infrastructure and maintenance requirements. 247 VISION has the capability to fully manage your IT environment, including security, updates, compliance, and regular backups.

Helping you work remotely, efficiently and effectively

When you choose to run 247 VISION ERP in the cloud, you’ll benefit from our team’s vast experience developing and implementing manufacturing software, coupled with the unmatched security, reliability, and speed of Amazon Web Services, today’s industry-leading cloud hosting provider.


Why businesses with digital information tools were better equipped to adapt to the COVID 19 Crisis

With governments all over the World ordering lockdowns, closing businesses and ordering people to stay at home, there was little time to fundamentally change operations. Those businesses with better digital tools could adapt operations faster. 

"When our construction sites were having to close, our Vision Management System provided realtime information on every plot. This meant we could manage the different developments more strategically and adapt to the changing situation more intelligently than many of our competitors."

Jason Glover
Operations Director
Davidsons Homes

"Having an Online Management System enabled RISK to quickly deploy remote learning tools to course delegates. We are also agile in responding to the changing requirements of the regulating bodies as they adapt to the need for remote refresher courses and compliance driven qualifications."

Mike Adams
Managing Director
RISK & Safety Management Services Ltd

"Our people could work from home almost as easy as they could at their office desk. This was simply because all the crucial business information was in a Digital Management System."

Gareth Henson
Managing Director, Torex Europe 


Sales & Marketing Strategies & Solutions: Plan, do, innovate

Customers don't care about you, they want to understand the outcome for their needs. Pursuading anyone to choose you, rather than the alternatives, comes down to two key aspects: Marketing - the quality and volume of enquiries you generate. Sales - how effectively you manage enquiries and close. Quiet Storm specialise in developing end-to-end solutions, integrating marketing and sales into a single seamless process. Working with you to optimise the whole customer journey, training your customer facing people and providing tools so you systematically manage enquiries more effectively.


On-Paper: Branding, Graphics & Print Based Marketing Solutions

Branding is about communicating in a way that will resonate with customers to make an immediate, compelling first impression. Your proposition, values & tone of voice needs to be focused on why your target audience should care about your offer and what makes you unique. 75% of buying decisions are based on emotion – it’s part of how the brain works. Which means your visual identity, including your logo and look and feel, need to inspire the right emotions and support your proposition. Finally, whether you’re doing a full-scale company re-brand or launching a new product or service, the name needs to capture the essence of what you’re offering customers.


On-Line: Increasing the returns on your digital marketing

What is your target audience looking for and how do you ensure they find you in todays cluttered digital world? With so many different social media platforms, web trends and digital marketing 'gurus' it's easy to get confused, even frustrated with the information overload. That's why we keep things simple - we can take on as much or as little as you'd like and we teach you through free workshops, what's important and why, so you can make an informed decision.


On-Show: Presenting more powerfully in limited time

Whether a high level presentation pitch, exhibiting or a video, the first few seconds are a critical factor. Turning your audiences initial interest into the action you want them to take needs to feel seamless and natural. It's no surprise online videos get more weighting from Youtube and Google if they are viewed all the way through. In person or online, you need to understand the audiences time expectations and key motivators. Quiet Storm help you maximise your ROI in a crowded world with an endless supply of competing messages.