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Podcasts News from June 2021

30th June 2021

The Perfect Storm For Retail | The Business Influencer Podcast | Episode 23

In this episode, our host interviews Dr. Jason Wouhra OBE, CEO of Lioncroft (formerly known as EastEnd Foods). He provides his views and insights into the future of independent retail, the impact of Brexit, and the importance of diversity for business per
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25th June 2021

From Immigrant to Billionaire | TBI Podcast | Episode 22

In this episode, our host interviews Surinder Arora, Founder and Chairman of the Arora Group. He describes his journey as a 13-year-old immigrant, unable to speak English but rose to become a leading hotelier and a billionaire in the process. We follow hi
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17th June 2021

Marketing vs Branding | The Business Influencer Podcast | Episode 21

In this episode, our host interviews Said Baaghil, Global Brand expert and author. We discuss: the difference between marketing and branding, who is responsible for the maintenance of a brand and is it possible to measure a brand? We also explore the defi
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11th June 2021

Start With What Works: A Faster Way to Grow Your Business | TBI Podcast | Episode 20

In this episode, our host interviews Andy Bass, Consultant and Author of 'Start With What Works'. We discuss if it is often quicker, cheaper and safer to look more closely at what you have already, in times of trouble or in pursuit of growth.
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10th June 2021

Thinking Outside of The Box - Top 3 Tips for Entrepreneurs from Jitha Singh, CBS Packaging

Entrepreneurs by nature are risk takers and look to disrupt their marketplace but as their business models mature – certainty and the ability to plan accordingly becomes more important particularly as they look to scale.
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4th June 2021

The Role of Capitalism in Society: An Entrepreneur's Perspective | TBI Podcast | Episode 19

In this episode, our host interviews Vikas Shah MBE DL, a high-profile entrepreneur and a NED on various boards. We discuss the role of entrepreneurism in society. Vikas also draws upon insights from his interviews with Nobel Prize Winners, Business Leade
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