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Does Green Energy Matter? | TBI Podcast | Episode 15

Does Green Energy Matter? | TBI Podcast | Episode 15


Welcome to The Business Influencer Podcast where we interview and explore the success stories of entrepreneurs, business leaders, senior policymakers and get insights from thought leaders around the issues of the day.

In this episode, our host interviews Greg Clark, Former Secretary of State for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy and current Conservative MP for Tunbridge Wells.

We discuss:

- The dismantling of the industrial strategy

- The levelling up of regions

- The importance of green energy

- Electric Cars

- Small Businesses

- The UK's role in a post-pandemic and post-Brexit world


Host - Ninder Johal DL

Production - Simren K. Johal

Video editing - Stewart Lawley

Executive Producer - Narinder K. Johal

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