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Podcasts News from April 2021

28th April 2021

Banker turned Entrepreneur | TBI Podcast | Episode 14

In this episode, our host interviews Jason Oakley, CEO and Founder of Recognise Bank. We discuss the difficulties of setting up a new business during the current climate, the rationale for setting up a bank, whether we need one in a radically changing hig
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21st April 2021

Does Marketing Matter? | TBI Podcast | Episode 13

In this episode, our host interviews Mark Schaefer, an author and a leader in the field of marketing. We discuss the role of marketing in a post-Covid world and how technological advancements have impacted the world of marketing.
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14th April 2021

The Story of the British Billionaire Brand: Reebok | TBI Podcast | Episode 12

In this episode, our host interviews Joe Foster, founder of British Trainer Brand Reebok. We explore Foster's story of persistence, resilience and grit as we follow his journey from running a family business in Bolton to becoming a global brand, generatin
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7th April 2021

Scaling Up: Art or Science? | TBI Podcast | Episode 11

In this episode, our host interviews Nick Bradley, an entrepreneur and expert in scaling up. We discuss the differences between start-ups and scale-ups, the reasons for scaling up, and whether growth should be organic or through acquisitions.
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