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What is the future of the High Street? | TBI Podcast | Episode 10

What is the future of the High Street? | TBI Podcast | Episode 10

Welcome to The Business Influencer Podcast where we will interview and explore the success stories of entrepreneurs, business leaders, senior policymakers and get insights from thought leaders around the issues of the day.

In this episode, our host interviews Louise Brooke Smith OBE, an internationally renowned strategic planner and one of our contributors for The Business Influencer Publication.

We discuss the changing role of the high street and its future, the role of local, regional, and national government in regards to planning, and how technology is changing the nature of cities as we know them.


Host - Ninder Johal DL

Production - Simren K. Johal

Video editing - Stewart Lawley

Executive Producer - Narinder K. Johal

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