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Overcoming Adversity and Racism to Become an Entrepreneur

Overcoming Adversity and Racism to Become an Entrepreneur

The road to business success is littered with obstacles – some major, some minor – and the trick is to find a way to navigate them without getting blown off course. We talk to one of the region’s foremost award-winning authors and business leaders about how he overcame adversity and racism on his journey to becoming an entrepreneur.

Mark Esho, Director, Easy Internet Services


Starting a business is a difficult endeavour. Just getting to grips with the day-to-day complexities and challenges of running your own enterprise can be enough to make some people give up.

And that’s before the unforeseen obstacles start to crop up and knock you off course.

Being disabled presents many changes, so does is being black.

Combine both, and it’s a pretty toxic mix of double discrimination.  

One man who has overcome this is Mark Esho, a disabled Internet entrepreneur with a 15-year business background in finance and management sectors.

In 2000, he built his first company, Easy Internet Services, from scratch with nothing more than a credit card to finance the operation.

Four years later, he set up a second business, Easy Internet Solutions, focusing on the provision of high-quality web hosting and domain registration services.

Both companies employ a diverse and flexible workforce, with highly talented employees sourced from a variety of professional backgrounds and are a living testament to exactly what’s possible with a diverse and multi-talented team.

In this episode of the Love Business Podcast, Mark talks to host Richard Shakespeare, about overcoming adversity on his journey to becoming an entrepreneur, along with the ways that

employers can create and maintain a more diverse workforce.

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