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Sustainable business and biodiversity

Sustainable business and biodiversity

We talk to the founder of an East Midlands social enterprise which helps businesses and communities become more sustainable.

Dr Rose Deakin, founder, The Crop Club

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Most businesses understand the need to be more sustainable and the benefits it can bring them but aren’t sure where to start. Many are also unaware of some of the impacts that their activities may be having on the environment and the communities they serve.

And lots simply want to connect with their communities, but don’t know how.  

In this episode of the Love Business Podcast, host Richard Shakespeare talks to Dr Rose Deakin, founder of The Crop Club, a social enterprise which encourages and supports people to experience the joy of growing their own food and reconnect communities.

The Crop Club makes growing kits with sustainable materials for homes, communities, and businesses.

It does this by simplifying growing food and making it more accessible for all, educating people on sustainability and protecting our environment, reconnecting people with homegrown food, promoting the diversity available, particularly with heritage seeds and encouraging biodiversity with companion planting and natural ways to combat pests and support wildlife.

It is focused on rescuing materials destined for landfill and educating people about sustainable material choices. It sells both to business and consumers, along with developing community projects.

Dr Deakin speaks passionately about the importance of sustainability and improving biodiversity and shares some insightful advice about the simple steps that business can take to help.

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