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What is good Leadership?

What is good Leadership?

We talk to one of the region’s foremost organisation development specialists about the art of good leadership.

Andrew Deighton, Founder, AWD Development Solutions

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Leadership in business is a broad church which takes many different styles and forms.

But what are the common attributes that all the great business leaders have, how did they acquire them and what impact do they have in the workplace?

Leadership consultant Andrew Deighton takes a closer look.

As a people, team and organisation development specialist, coach, speaker and author, Andrew works with ambitious businesses and organisations that want to improve the performance of their teams.

He spent 26 years with Rolls-Royce and brings the experience and expertise gained from working for one of the world’s most successful businesses to help other organisations to grow.

He works with business managers and team leaders to improve their focus, productivity and capability by training and developing their people.

In this episode of the Love Business Podcast, he talks with host Richard Shakespeare about what makes a great leader, the attributes of a successful team and what businesses need to do to achieve this.

He also takes a closer look at the impact that conflict, demotivation and lack of engagement can have on an already dysfunctional team, and what you can do to combat them.

If you’re looking to start a new team, deliver a project or want your senior team to work better together to define your business strategy and deliver on your objectives, Andrew’s advice and insight will give you plenty of food for thought. 

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