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The business case for Diversity and Inclusion

The business case for Diversity and Inclusion

We talk to one of the region’s leading diversity and inclusion experts about the business case for diversity and the positive impact it can have.
Richard Shakespeare, managing director, Workplace Diversity Solutions

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Promoting and supporting equality and diversity in the workplace has moved way beyond being a simple box-ticking exercise to ensure you have the right balance of gender, race and sexuality within your workforce.

It’s now a fundamental part of good business management.
It’s about creating an inclusive culture in which everyone within your organisation is valued as an individual and feels able to contribute, achieve their potential and, ultimately, make a difference.

The legal framework which covers age, gender, race, religion, disability and sexual orientation, among other things, sets the minimum standard at which firms must operate.

However, in order to fully reap the benefits of a diverse and inclusive workplace, firms must go beyond this compliance threshold and embrace the principles which will lead to a happy, harmonious and highly-engaged workforce which represents the broadest cross-section of society.

In this episode of the Love Business Podcast, we talk to award-winning diversity and inclusion expert Richard Shakespeare, managing director of Workplace Diversity Solutions.
Over the past several years, Richard has worked with many blue chip organisations to support their work on the diversity and inclusion agenda, addressing issues such as the gender pay gap, increasing boardroom diversity and the business case for embedding a culture of inclusion within organisations.

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