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How to close sales

How to close sales

In this episode, two of the region’s leading experts in sales and marketing talks about the art of sealing the deal.

Stephen Megson, Managing Director, Quiet Storm Solutions and Gemma Orton, Managing Director, Mocha Communicates

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You’ve spent hours looking for the opportunity, researching the business, making the approach and practicing your pitch.

But, when it comes to the crunch, do you know how to close the sale?

Closing is the make-or-break moment in sales.

Knowing what to do or say once you reach the point where it’s time to seal the deal is crucial. It is, however, not an easy skill to acquire.

If you’ve put loads of time and effort into getting this point, the final verdict, if it doesn’t go your way, can be crushing.

So, how do you close a sale? And how do you make sure that you demonstrate enough value when pitching to your prospective target to get that all-important yes along with their handshake?

In this episode of the Love Business Podcast, we talk to two of the region’s leading sales and marketing experts about the art of closing to get the sale.

Between them, Steve Megson, managing director of Quiet Storm Solutions, and Gemma Orton, managing director of Mocha Communicates, have helped hundreds of organisations to win more business and consistently close sales by using proven sales and marketing techniques which guarantee results.

Here, they share them with you. If you’re in sales, this is an episode you simply cannot afford to miss.

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