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What East Midlands Airport does for the region

What East Midlands Airport does for the region

As an economic powerhouse, the East Midlands has an infrastructure that makes it unique. But what goes on at East Midlands Airport, and how does it play such an important role in our economy?

We talk to two great ambassadors for the East Midlands to get their thoughts.

Philip Brooks-Stephenson, Director of KuKu Connect and Loan Reed-Aspley, Press Office Manager at East Midlands Airport.

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The East Midlands provides the heartbeat of the national economy and is among the fastest growing regions in the UK.

The businesses based here innovate, make and move goods and services more effectively and efficiently than anywhere else in the country.

The continued success of the East Midlands is not only integral in delivering the success of the Midlands Engine but will also be central in ensuring a competitive UK economy for the long-term.

The region’s reputation as a transport and logistics super-hub is, in no small part, down to the success of East Midlands Airport.

As the largest pure freight airport in the country, it handles more than 368,000 tonnes of cargo each year, as well as serving 4.8m air passengers, supporting more than 8,000 jobs and contributing more than £200m to the regional economy.

And with ample room to grow, the airport’s thriving cargo facilities are expanding to meet the demands of importers and exporters from across the UK.

In this episode of the Love Business Podcast, Ioan Reed-Aspley, the airport’s press office manager, and Philip Brooks-Stephenson, director of luxury business networking organisation KuKu Connect, take a closer look at the key role the airport plays in connecting the region with the UK, Europe and beyond.

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