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Has marketing changed? An expert perspective

Has marketing changed? An expert perspective

Why does marketing matter to small businesses? And has the way that SMEs need to promote themselves in an increasingly global marketplace changed? We get an expert view from two of the region’s leading marketing professionals.

Stephen Megson, Managing Director, Quiet Storm Solutions and Gemma Orton, Managing Director, Mocha Communicates

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Marketing is the process of getting people interested in your company's products or services.

Although the techniques have evolved, its basic principles have been around since the dawn of business.

As print media, radio, TV and then the internet entered households, marketers have started to get more savvy about the ways in which they can conduct entire campaigns across multiple platforms to reach their ideal customers.

In recent years, most marketing has boiled down to fine-tuning those basic principles to optimise its success.

Today, there are literally hundreds of platforms where businesses can place a marketing campaign.

Yet while the advent of search engines, ecommerce, social media, cloud computing and digital marketing has opened a world of opportunity for small businesses, it has also created confusion, as businesses ask:

  • Which channels should I be using?
  • How often should I be reaching out?
  • What should I say?
  • And, crucially, does marketing make a difference?

In this podcast, we put these questions, and more, to two of the region’s leading marketing experts.

As founder and managing director of Quiet Storm Solutions, Stephen Megson has been successfully delivering sales and marketing solutions to clients for more than 30 years.

Gemma Orton, meanwhile, set up her business, Mocha Communicates, in 2014, after spending eight years in the sports industry in top level marketing positions.

Together, they look at the ways in which small businesses can promote themselves and answer the question, has marketing changed?

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