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Podcasts News from December 2019

12th December 2019

What East Midlands Airport does for the region

As an economic powerhouse, the East Midlands has an infrastructure that makes it unique. But what goes on at East Midlands Airport, and how does it play such an important role in our economy?
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11th December 2019

The business benefits of hybrid motoring

What is the difference between electric cars and hybrid technology? Can you really use a hybrid car on a daily basis? And is it cost effective, as a business to switch to a hybrid? One of the region’s leading hybrid motoring experts has the answers.
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10th December 2019

How to make your business stand out in the media

How do you make your business stand out in the media? And what are media outlets looking for in terms of a story? In this episode, one of the region’s leading PR & communications experts shares his top tips for getting noticed by the press.
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9th December 2019

Events which inspire your audience

What are the benefits of holding meetings away from the office? And how do you select the right venue for your meeting or conference? Here, one of the region’s leading events professionals shares their top tips to make sure your event goes off with a bang
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8th December 2019

How to build an effective brand

What is a brand and how do you build one? How do you create a message and an identity which resonates deeply with your customers and inspires them to do business with you?
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7th December 2019

The essentials of business networking

Is business networking necessary, or is it all stale coffee and early starts? Does it add value and what do businesses need to do to make the most of it?
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6th December 2019

Navigating the legal minefield

As a small business, have you got the right contracts and terms and conditions in place to protect your organisation? And when it comes to resolving disputes, do you have the right ‘go-to’ person to call for advice?
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5th December 2019

International trade opportunities for small businesses

How easy is it to trade internationally and is your business prepared? Do you know what paperwork you need and how international currencies work? We talk to one of the region’s leading international trade experts about the opportunities on offer.
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4th December 2019

Getting media attention for small businesses

How do you get your small business in the press and why would they want to hear from you? And once you’ve secured some good publicity, how to you capitalise on it?
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3rd December 2019

Has marketing changed? An expert perspective

Why does marketing matter to small businesses? And has the way that SMEs need to promote themselves in an increasingly global marketplace changed? We get an expert view from two of the region’s leading marketing professionals.
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2nd December 2019

Boosting your business with bids, tenders and awards

Does applying for awards add value to your business? And why should you consider getting help with award applications and tender writing? We speak to two of the region’s leading experts about simplifying the application process to get the most value.
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1st December 2019

From Leicester to Las Vegas - Paul Rowlett shares his story of success

What does it take to be a top entrepreneur? How do you overcome the odds to build a multinational, multimillion-pound turnover business from scratch?
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