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21st February 2023

Derbion launches in-centre Donation Station as part of charity initiative

As part of its ‘Derbion Cares’ initiative, Derbion has partnered with the Derby Food 4 Thought Alliance to launch an in-centre Donation Station.
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27th April 2022

The Secrets Behind Marketing | The Business Influencer Podcast | Episode 42

In this episode, our host interviews Sam Watson, Commercial Director at Burleighs Gin Limited, a craft distillery based in the heart of Leicestershire. We discuss digital/physical distribution, marketing with finite resources and how to flourish in a comp
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16th September 2021

The Importance of Social Entrepreneurship | The Business Influencer Podcast | Episode 34

In this episode, our host interviews Safaraz Ali, Founder and CEO of Pathway Group. We discuss his entrepreneurial journey and if technology has changed our understanding of the world of skills. He also provides his views on skills, leadership and persona
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10th September 2021

How is Technology Impacting The World of Law | The Business Influencer Podcast | Episode 33

In this episode, our host interviews Neil Lloyd, Managing Director at FBC Manby Bowdler - a leading law firm in the Midlands. He explains how he responded to the challenges posed by the pandemic in a new leadership role and how he instigated cultural chan
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3rd September 2021

Why Exams Don't Work | The Business Influencer Podcast | Episode 32

In this episode, our host interviews Matt Jones, Founder and Managing Director of Oxbridge. We explore his entrepreneurial journey into the world of education. We also discuss exams, vocational education, how technology is changing the educational landsca
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26th August 2021

'White No Sugar': A Journey Into Tech Recruitment | The Business Influencer Podcast | Episode 31

In this episode, our host interviews James White, former winner of The Apprentice and CEO/Founder of Right Time Recruitment. We explore his entrepreneurial journey including his appearance on The Apprentice, his thoughts on the future of talent recruitmen
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19th August 2021

What Can Psychopaths Teach Us About Business? | The Business Influencer Podcast | Episode 30

In this episode, our host interviews Dr Nashater Deu Solheim, CEO of Progressing Minds and Author of “The Leadership PIN Code- Unlocking the Key to Willing and Winning Relationships”. Nashater draws on her experience as a psychologist working with psychop
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13th August 2021

Is a Family Business a Blessing or a Curse? | The Business Influencer Podcast | Episode 29

In this episode, our host interviews Reg Athwal, Founder & Chairman of RTS Global Partners. We discuss the topic of family businesses. What keeps a family business going whilst others fail? How do they survive over many generations and why is there a tren
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6th August 2021

The Secrets of Producing a High-Performing Team | The Business Influencer Publication | Episode 28

In this episode, our host interviews Aaron Schmookler, Culture Engineer and Co-Founder/CEO of The Yes Works. We discuss the role of leadership, culture and innovation in the context of team-working and the key ingredients of producing a high-performing te
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30th July 2021

Artificial Intelligence: An Opportunity or a Threat? | The Business Influencer Podcast | Episode 27

In this episode, our host interviews AI expert & Professor of Informatics - Felix Hovsepian. We discuss the role of AI in industry, education, health, mobility and discuss the positive/negative implications of the 'internet of things'.
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23rd July 2021

The Two Words That Brought Down A Jewellery Empire | The Business Influencer Podcast | Episode 26

In this episode, our host interviews well-known retailer Gerald Ratner. We follow his journey of how he led his family run business: Ratners Jewellery to market domination within the UK and US. But the utterance of two words sunk Ratner's jewellery empire
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16th July 2021

Is Manufacturing Important in Today's World? | The Business Influencer Podcast | Episode 25

In this episode, our host interviews Christopher Greenough, Chief Commercial Officer at SDE Technology. We discuss the role of manufacturing as a part of the UK's wider economic picture and whether the sector's contribution should be enhanced in the post-
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9th July 2021

The Harsh Reality of Sales and Selling | The Business Influencer Podcast | Episode 24

In this episode, our host interviews Nigel Dunand, Specialist Sales Trainer and Author. He discusses the instrumental role that sales has on an organisation's success, questions the unsavoury reputation sales has attained over time, explores the difficult
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30th June 2021

The Perfect Storm For Retail | The Business Influencer Podcast | Episode 23

In this episode, our host interviews Dr. Jason Wouhra OBE, CEO of Lioncroft (formerly known as EastEnd Foods). He provides his views and insights into the future of independent retail, the impact of Brexit, and the importance of diversity for business per
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25th June 2021

From Immigrant to Billionaire | TBI Podcast | Episode 22

In this episode, our host interviews Surinder Arora, Founder and Chairman of the Arora Group. He describes his journey as a 13-year-old immigrant, unable to speak English but rose to become a leading hotelier and a billionaire in the process. We follow hi
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17th June 2021

Marketing vs Branding | The Business Influencer Podcast | Episode 21

In this episode, our host interviews Said Baaghil, Global Brand expert and author. We discuss: the difference between marketing and branding, who is responsible for the maintenance of a brand and is it possible to measure a brand? We also explore the defi
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11th June 2021

Start With What Works: A Faster Way to Grow Your Business | TBI Podcast | Episode 20

In this episode, our host interviews Andy Bass, Consultant and Author of 'Start With What Works'. We discuss if it is often quicker, cheaper and safer to look more closely at what you have already, in times of trouble or in pursuit of growth.
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10th June 2021

Thinking Outside of The Box - Top 3 Tips for Entrepreneurs from Jitha Singh, CBS Packaging

Entrepreneurs by nature are risk takers and look to disrupt their marketplace but as their business models mature – certainty and the ability to plan accordingly becomes more important particularly as they look to scale.
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4th June 2021

The Role of Capitalism in Society: An Entrepreneur's Perspective | TBI Podcast | Episode 19

In this episode, our host interviews Vikas Shah MBE DL, a high-profile entrepreneur and a NED on various boards. We discuss the role of entrepreneurism in society. Vikas also draws upon insights from his interviews with Nobel Prize Winners, Business Leade
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28th May 2021

The Secrets of Communication & The Corporate Zoo | TBI Podcast | Episode 18

In this episode, our host interviews Nigel Risner, author of "It's a zoo around here". He provides his insights into the art of communication and explains the idea of a Corporate Zoo and the many personality types that sit within the Corporate Zoo: Lions,
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21st May 2021

Recovery, Future Working & Place - Matt Hammond | TBI Podcast | Episode 17

In this episode, our host interviews Matt Hammond, UK Head of International Markets & Midlands Region Leader at PwC. Matt is also the Chair of the West Midlands Growth Company and provides an insight into the importance of place, his views on the recovery
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14th May 2021

How To Create A 'Vision' | TBI Podcast | Episode 16

In this episode, our host interviews Dr. Oleg Konovalov, speaker, consultant and author of 'The Vision Code'. We discuss the importance of the concept of 'vision', not just for businesses but for individuals as well. We ask: What is Vision. Why is it impo
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5th May 2021

Does Green Energy Matter? | TBI Podcast | Episode 15

In this episode, our host interviews Greg Clark, Former Secretary of State for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy and current Conservative MP for Tunbridge Wells.
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28th April 2021

Banker turned Entrepreneur | TBI Podcast | Episode 14

In this episode, our host interviews Jason Oakley, CEO and Founder of Recognise Bank. We discuss the difficulties of setting up a new business during the current climate, the rationale for setting up a bank, whether we need one in a radically changing hig
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21st April 2021

Does Marketing Matter? | TBI Podcast | Episode 13

In this episode, our host interviews Mark Schaefer, an author and a leader in the field of marketing. We discuss the role of marketing in a post-Covid world and how technological advancements have impacted the world of marketing.
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14th April 2021

The Story of the British Billionaire Brand: Reebok | TBI Podcast | Episode 12

In this episode, our host interviews Joe Foster, founder of British Trainer Brand Reebok. We explore Foster's story of persistence, resilience and grit as we follow his journey from running a family business in Bolton to becoming a global brand, generatin
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7th April 2021

Scaling Up: Art or Science? | TBI Podcast | Episode 11

In this episode, our host interviews Nick Bradley, an entrepreneur and expert in scaling up. We discuss the differences between start-ups and scale-ups, the reasons for scaling up, and whether growth should be organic or through acquisitions.
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31st March 2021

What is the future of the High Street? | TBI Podcast | Episode 10

In this episode, our host interviews Louise Brooke Smith OBE, an internationally renowned strategic planner and one of our contributors for The Business Influencer Publication.
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24th March 2021

The Challenges of Running an Events Business During a Pandemic | TBI Podcast | Episode 9

In this episode, our host interviews Brad Burton, entrepreneur and best-selling author of Now What?. We explore Brad's journey to setting up a successful networking business, we learn about how he has coped during the current climate and how he has had to
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17th March 2021

The Strengths, Successes & Challenges for Immigrant Entrepreneurs | TBI Podcast | Episode 8

In this episode, our host interviews Phillippe Legrain, founder of OPEN and a highly respected advisor to global agencies when discussing immigration and entrepreneurship. We explore the important contribution of immigrants when discussing their role as e
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10th March 2021

The Secrets of Crisis Management | The Business Influencer Podcast | Episode 7

In this episode, our host interviews Jonathan Hemus, founder of crisis management company Insignia and author of Crisis Proof. We discuss how to anticipate and plan for a crisis.
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3rd March 2021

The Impact of Words & Body Language - Jean Pousson | The Business Influencer Podcast | Episode 6

In this episode, our host interviews Jean Pousson, Programme Consultant for Director and Board Development, who has developed a series of workshops and courses and is facilitating on behalf of The Black Country Chamber of Commerce, a leading business supp
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24th February 2021

Leading a Change in Organisational Culture - Greg Reed | The Business Influencer Podcast | Ep 5

In this episode, our host interviews Greg Reed, former CEO of Homeserve UK plc. He explains how he took a role in a business whose shares had plummeted by 28%, lambasted for its poor marketing and sales function and reputation for poor customer service.
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17th February 2021

What is the Future Role of 5G? | The Business Influencer Podcast | Episode 4

In this episode, our host interviews Robert Franks, Managing Director of WM5G. He discusses the role of 5G in both society and industry. In particular, the role of the Internet of Things and 5G in areas of medicine, transport and manufacturing.
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10th February 2021

Turning Over A Failing organisation - Herminder Channa OBE | The Business Influencer Podcast | Ep 3

In this episode, our host interviews Herminder Channa OBE, Executive Principal at Ark Boulton Academy. She explains how she took on a school with: failing student numbers, a 32% staff retention rate, and a financial deficit. She talks us through her journ
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3rd February 2021

In Conversation with Tesco's Chairman, John Allan CBE | The Business Influencer Podcast | Episode 2

In this episode, our host interviews John Allan CBE, Chairman of Tesco PLC and Chairman of Barratt Developments. Previous positions have included: Royal Mail, National Grid, PHS Group, Hamleys, Excel, Deutsche Post, Dixons Carphone, Samsonite.
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27th January 2021

Dinesh Dhamija, Founder of Ebookers | The Business Influencer Podcast | Episode 1

In this first episode, our host interviews Dinesh Dhamija, founder of travel business Ebookers. He gives us an insight into his amazing entrepreneurial journey, how he lost $710 million and how he executed a successful exit plan.
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22nd May 2020

COVID-19 Return to Work Planning - Expert Advice

A stella expert panel discusses the challeneges businesses face returning to work in this special VIDEO PODCAST - with links to the Governments guidance and the actions you need to do about them!
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9th April 2020

Full Length COVID-19 Interview

Richard Shakespeare heads up a video conference call with local MP - Andrew Bridgen along with Chris Hobson, Steve Megson & Jon Smart to discuss the hot topic's surrounding Coronavirus.
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6th April 2020

What can businesses do to progress during the COVID-19 Crisis?

What are the opportunities available to all businesses, large or small, to take advantage of enforced downtime during this global crisis.
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6th April 2020

What can 'furloughed staff' do for the business whilst on leave?

An insight into what staff who have been placed on 'furlough leave' can do, to help the business reposition itself when the crisis is over.
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6th April 2020

What do Businesses need to know about applying for The Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme?

Taking you through how it works, what the banks need and how its developed since it was announced.
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6th April 2020

What will Businesses look like post Coronavirus?

What's going to change in 3, 4 months time when we come out of this crisis, one thing the whole panel agree upon - it won't revert back to how business was done before.
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6th April 2020

Why is ‘The Heart of the Midlands’ key to the UK economy bouncing back?

What can businesses in Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire do, to bounce back from this crisis?
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6th April 2020

What can business owners get from the Love Business COVID-19 Business Support Hub?

What should business owners refocused on to not just get through this crisis, but bounce back?
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25th March 2020

KuKu Connect Covid-19 Support Podcast

The UK's toughened response to the ongoing Covid-19 situation means that we have had to press pause on our weekly Love Business News podcast series for the time being. However, our good friends at KuKu Connect have released a coronavirus special.
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17th March 2020

How to network like a pro

Networking provides a great opportunity to meet new customers, make new connections and showcase your business.
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10th March 2020

Navigating the HR and Legal Minefield in a new decade

With the Good Work Plan and further changes to employment and equality legislation on the horizon, we speak to a specialist from the UK's market leader for employment law and health and safety support to find out what small businesses need to know. 
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3rd March 2020

Overcoming Adversity and Racism to Become an Entrepreneur

The road to business success is littered with obstacles – some major, some minor – and the trick is to find a way to navigate them without getting blown off course.
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25th February 2020

Sustainable business and biodiversity

Sustainability is a big issue, not just for businesses but also for the communities in which they have their roots. Often, businesses can struggle to find ways in which they can mitigate the impact of their activities on the environment.
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18th February 2020

Mental resilience and thought leadership

Resilience is the ability to recover and bounce back from adversity and hardships, feeling stronger and more capable to cope than ever before.
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11th February 2020

What is good Leadership?

Building an effective leadership team means it’s critical to ensure your organisation has a strategic vision and objectives which all your leaders buy into. But how do you bring that about, and empower your leaders to deliver real change?
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4th February 2020

Can small businesses compete on an international stage?

Your business may be ready to export, but what steps do you need to take to access the global markets? And what support is available to help your business along its international journey?
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28th January 2020

When is the right time to plan your exit strategy?

When it comes to selling your business, how do you value it and what’s your exit strategy? And why is it important to be emotionally ready to hand over the reins?
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21st January 2020

The business case for Diversity and Inclusion

What is diversity and why does it matter? How does business benefit from having a more diverse workforce and why should it care?
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14th January 2020

Talking politics – an MP’s view on the future of the East Midlands economy

As we head into 2020 with a functioning majority Government in place and Brexit on the horizon, we speak to one of the region’s most prominent MPs about what the future holds for the East Midlands… and the UK.
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7th January 2020

How to close sales

When you’re in that all-important pitch, are you afraid to ask for the sale? And just how do you get the close right to win the business?
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12th December 2019

What East Midlands Airport does for the region

As an economic powerhouse, the East Midlands has an infrastructure that makes it unique. But what goes on at East Midlands Airport, and how does it play such an important role in our economy?
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11th December 2019

The business benefits of hybrid motoring

What is the difference between electric cars and hybrid technology? Can you really use a hybrid car on a daily basis? And is it cost effective, as a business to switch to a hybrid? One of the region’s leading hybrid motoring experts has the answers.
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10th December 2019

How to make your business stand out in the media

How do you make your business stand out in the media? And what are media outlets looking for in terms of a story? In this episode, one of the region’s leading PR & communications experts shares his top tips for getting noticed by the press.
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9th December 2019

Events which inspire your audience

What are the benefits of holding meetings away from the office? And how do you select the right venue for your meeting or conference? Here, one of the region’s leading events professionals shares their top tips to make sure your event goes off with a bang
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8th December 2019

How to build an effective brand

What is a brand and how do you build one? How do you create a message and an identity which resonates deeply with your customers and inspires them to do business with you?
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7th December 2019

The essentials of business networking

Is business networking necessary, or is it all stale coffee and early starts? Does it add value and what do businesses need to do to make the most of it?
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6th December 2019

Navigating the legal minefield

As a small business, have you got the right contracts and terms and conditions in place to protect your organisation? And when it comes to resolving disputes, do you have the right ‘go-to’ person to call for advice?
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5th December 2019

International trade opportunities for small businesses

How easy is it to trade internationally and is your business prepared? Do you know what paperwork you need and how international currencies work? We talk to one of the region’s leading international trade experts about the opportunities on offer.
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4th December 2019

Getting media attention for small businesses

How do you get your small business in the press and why would they want to hear from you? And once you’ve secured some good publicity, how to you capitalise on it?
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3rd December 2019

Has marketing changed? An expert perspective

Why does marketing matter to small businesses? And has the way that SMEs need to promote themselves in an increasingly global marketplace changed? We get an expert view from two of the region’s leading marketing professionals.
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2nd December 2019

Boosting your business with bids, tenders and awards

Does applying for awards add value to your business? And why should you consider getting help with award applications and tender writing? We speak to two of the region’s leading experts about simplifying the application process to get the most value.
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1st December 2019

From Leicester to Las Vegas - Paul Rowlett shares his story of success

What does it take to be a top entrepreneur? How do you overcome the odds to build a multinational, multimillion-pound turnover business from scratch?
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29th November 2019

Check out the new Love Business Podcast

On the 12 days of Christmas Love Business gave to me… a new podcast series!
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