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3 top awards nominations for KuKu COVID support

3 top awards nominations for KuKu COVID support

Co-Founders of KuKu Connect, Stephen Goddard and Philip Brooks-Stephenson have been recognised for their support to thousands of businesses, venues and community organisations across the country.

KuKu Connect has been nominated for 3 top awards for their efforts in supporting organisations through the COVID-19 pandemic. Nominated for their outstanding COVID support in the national Best Business Awards, the Lloyds National Business Awards and the international Global Business Excellence Awards.

How does it work?

Our next virtual online Connect Reception, 'KuKu Cocktail Hour' will take place on Wednesday, 30th September at 5pm - this is free to access and open to all businesses, venues and community organisations. 

With an audience of thousands, 'KuKu Cocktail Hour' is a really easy and effective way for making new connections and securing new business. You'll be able to interact and post your contact details, website or LinkedIn profile in the live chat feed, but you won't be seen yourself (so you don't need to worry about your background, hair, clothes,      make-up, children or pets).

Stephen and Philip will share with you great offers, shout-outs for your organisation, business updates and may even give you a shout-out during the live event so make sure you pour yourself your favourite tipple and connect with us on the 30th September at 5pm!

 Business is happening as a result of the KuKu Cocktail Hours, so make sure to get involved. If you're busy, then simply leave us playing in another tab and join in if you hear something of interest, or watch us on replay at your convenience.

Would you like to be featured?

We will be introducing and promoting businesses throughout the cocktail hour, so if you would like a shout-out, you have any news, advice, offers, events or any tips for businesses in this challenging period then do let us know by replying to this email and we will promote your business - for free.

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