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Securiscape’s Glide Bollard–40 HVM system flexes its destructive powers as it passes its latest test

Securiscape’s Glide Bollard–40 HVM system flexes its destructive powers as it passes its latest test

The owner of a Derbyshire security barriers designer and supplier has described its latest crash test as the “most destructive and successful one yet” after it reduced a 7.2 tonne lorry to a mangled wreckage - but left its newest product virtually unscathed.

Mark Stone, managing director of Ashbourne-based Securiscape, says the outcome of the test, which was held last week to put the latest version of its Glide Bollard system through its paces, was “unbelievable” after the truck was left with its front wheel axle ripped off. The cab detached and flipped onto its back.

Securiscape carries out up to four impact tests each year on its products, putting them up against different vehicles travelling at different speeds, in order that they can earn the industry’s coveted IWA-14 rating, which demonstrates that they are suitable for preventing ram raids or hostile attacks.

The latest test saw the 7.2 tonne Iveco lorry hooked up to a cable and then deliberately pulled at a speed of 40mph into a set of Securiscape’s glide bollards–40 which had been installed specially for the occasion.

Comprising of a line of steel bollards fitted onto an underground rail that measures just 240mm deep, the system can be used to control access to garages and access roads simply by sliding the bollards in and out of position.

Introduced last year, it has previously been tested with a truck travelling at 30mph – it passed that test with flying colours – but Securiscape wanted to step up to 40mph in order to capture a wider share of the market.

The test took place at the vehicle testing agency Mira’s base in Leicestershire, attended by Mr Stone and a group of potential customers.

Mr Stone said:

“There has already been interest in the system and although I was confident we’d pass the test, when it came to it I have to confess I was so nervous that I couldn’t watch. When I saw the results, it was unbelievable. The truck hadn’t just been stopped, it was upside-down and totally annihilated, all due to the force of the impact.

“We’ve done loads of tests down the years, but this was by far the most destructive and successful one we’ve carried out. The extra 10mph nearly doubles the force of the impact, which accounted for the truck, but the bollards barely had a scratch on them.”

It took Securiscape three years to develop the Glide Bollard system and the success of the test means that it can now service 80% of the high security bollard market in the UK.


The Glide Bollard system is the latest in a growing number of innovations that Securiscape has introduced, alongside reinforced planters, blast-resistant litter bins and its Securipod temporary street barrier, all of which are designed to make Britain’s streets and public places safer.

It was also the first company to develop an ultra-shallow IWA-14-rated pedestrian guardrail that can prevent vehicles from mounting pavements on the sides of road bridges and was developed in the wake of the Westminster terror attack in London in 2017.

Elsewhere its products have been installed in a host of towns and cities across the UK, including Leeds, Birmingham, Nottingham and London, where they have been used to protect the UK headquarters of two international banks and Brent Borough Council’s civic centre in Wembley.

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