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Eamonn Holmes’ dream fulfilled by Baytree Cars

Eamonn Holmes’ dream fulfilled by Baytree Cars

Popular TV presenter Eamonn Holmes finally has his own way by buying his dream Bentley – thanks to Baytree Cars.

Six years ago, Eamonn and wife Ruth Langsford appeared in Channel 5’s How The Other Half Lives and Ruth said: “If we ever won the lottery, I would dread what he would come home with. Eamonn would love a Bentley.”

But now, pictured with his Bentley Continental Convertible, Eamonn beams his famous smile and jokes: “I knew I would get my own way in the end.”

He added: “I said to myself that when we were free of lockdown, I am going to get around a bit more.

“I want to discover the country more, drive down our wonderful coastlines and explore beautiful counties I don’t know much about - like Yorkshire and Derbyshire.”

Eamonn was searching on Instagram when he discovered Derby-based Baytree’s collection of super cars.

Director Chris McDermott quickly spotted the company’s famous new follower and was in touch to see if the family firm could help.

Eamonn was hooked by Chris’s idea for a new car and by the friendliness and professionalism of the company.

“I marked them, followed them after seeing see some nice stuff. Chris being the superb salesman he is, messaged me and it is meant to be.

“Baytree have the sort of cars you collected as a kid in your Matchbox series.

“When you come into the showroom, it is like art on display. You can see curves and lines of things of beauty.

“I usually change my car every two years and as you get older you wonder how many chances you have left to drive the sort of vehicle you’ve always dreamed of."

“But with this relationship with Baytree, I know I could be back in a year and a half and change to another superb car and that is very exciting.”

Eamonn is currently fighting chronic back pain so he thinks Ruth will allow him his “supreme indulgence” because she “feels sorry for me”.

“The added beauty of the Bentley is that it is a cabriolet. It is right up there for boy’s toys. And let’s be honest, Ruth wouldn’t drive it anyway!”

But he thinks she would approve of him shopping at a family firm.

He says: “Chris and his co-director Steve (Pinchbeck), know everything there is to know about cars. They are also in partnership working with their sons, Myles and Max."

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