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Car leasing for a flight free summer

Car leasing for a flight free summer

Despite some travel restrictions being eased, air passenger concerns remain sky high, with a recent poll revealing only 17% of Britons are planning an overseas break this year. But whilst ‘air bridges’ alone are not enough to settle their anxieties, for many, a drive-to staycation might be a better option.

Although they might not be the summer plans many were hoping for, holidaymakers can take advantage of this country’s various beauty spots or, as the Prime Minister described, the ‘peerless, wonderful, superlative places in the UK’ and other remote weekend getaway locations instead.

But whatever it is you choose, a comfortable, a reliable and spacious car is a must, particularly as restrictions remain in place for public transport. And, although cars might not be the cheapest option, vehicle leasing can make them an attractive alternative.

Caroline Hill, commercial director at Leicester-based Pink Car Leasing, explains how flexible leasing options can enable Britons to make the most of a flight free summer.

"It is clear that many will be reluctant to take holidays abroad this year, despite the government easing bans and introducing air bridges to certain locations. Trips are still faced with the likelihood of compulsory face masks and luggage restrictions, as well as the possibility of quarantine and lockdown at the destination.

"Ultimately, risks are high and the threat of the virus remains. And, with job uncertainty and financial difficulty also looming, there seems to be very little appeal to an overseas holiday this year. But that’s not to say staycations and day trips in the UK can’t still be enjoyed. Not only is this option much more convenient, it can massively help boost Britain’s tourism economy too.

"Car leasing can make this even more feasible, particularly for those not wishing to take public transport, due to the associated risks and measures. Whilst most leasing options are restricted to longer term contracts, flexible leasing gives you access to a car for a period as short as three months, which is ideal for a summer schedule of activities and getaways.

"As well as short-term convenience, leasing is completely COVID-safe as vehicles are thoroughly cleaned and available for a contactless delivery. And, with maintenance already covered, you can be assured that the car is fit for purpose for your journey. This is also reinforced by the fact that cars available for leasing are generally newer models and, therefore, reliable. This reduces the chances of needing to visit a garage for any faults, which also minimises contact with any potential virus-related risks.

"Ultimately, flexible leasing gives almost every type of traveller an option this summer. Whether you’re a family looking for a larger vehicle for a comfortable drive and space to hold luggage, or someone looking for an option with greater range and fuel efficiency for longer journeys, there is likely to be a lease plan and an appropriate car to suit.

"So, all in all leasing deals will allow Brits to release the handbrake on their holiday plans, so summer doesn’t need to be cancelled after all."

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