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Lewisham Council Awarded £132,000 in funding to Combat Air Pollution Near Schools

Lewisham Council Awarded £132,000 in funding to Combat Air Pollution Near Schools

Lewisham Council has received £132,532 in funding from Round 4 of the Mayor’s Air Quality Fund. This funding will be used to introduce a new Roadvent in the borough.

Additionally, the Council will match fund this amount to ensure the successful delivery of this project. Roadvents
are an innovative pollution control method aimed at reducing roadside emissions exposure.

The Council is collaborating with Pollution Solution, the organisation behind roadvents, to introduce this new measure on a road near a school. The specific location for the roadvent installation has not been determined yet, but the Council aims to have it in place by Autumn.

The objective is to decrease air pollution and improve the health and well-being of school children and parents during their commute. Roadvents consist of two parallel linear slot drains that will be installed into the road and connected to a roadside air cabinet which houses a fan and various layers of filtration. With this new project, cleaner air will support a healthier environment for Lewihsam’s transition towards more active travel and less car usage.

Independent testing has demonstrated that Roadvents can reduce human exposure to road based air pollution by up to 91%. It does this by filtering and diluting road based emissions from exhausts, brakes tyres and road wear.

The Mayor’s Air Quality Fund is a project that helps London Boroughs take targeted action to improve local air quality for their residents. In collaboration with the Mayor of London and Transport for London, the Fund has allocated £27 million in funding over 10 years, supplemented by £20 million in funding and resources from boroughs and partners.

Speaking about the funding the council have received, Councillor Louise Krupski, Cabinet Member for Environment and Climate Action said

"We are thrilled to be working with Pollution Solution to install a new roadvent in the borough. As a council, we recognise the importance of reducing air pollution in our area. Lewisham is steadfast in its commitment to safeguarding the health and wellbeing of our residents, particularly our school children, by ensuring they are exposed to cleaner air each day. Initiatives like the installation of a Roadvent not only address immediate concerns but also contribute to our long-term vision of creating a greener, healthier Lewisham for generations to come."

Pollution Solutions focus is to reduce the impact of road based air pollution on the community’s health - introducing Roadvent technology will offer the highest efficacy of air pollution capture and filtration, for the lowest overall cost and with immediate effect upon installation. This will enable Lewisham Council to achieve their air quality goals more efficiently than previously possible.

With the support of Paul Lewis, Professor Emeritus of Swansea University and UK Clean Air Champion, academic research will be conducted to measure the impact of the project and improvements in air quality, cost benefits and societal benefits.

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