Docuflow-esker Collaboration Faciliates Streamlined Invoice Approval Process At Waymade Plc

Docuflow-esker Collaboration Faciliates Streamlined Invoice Approval Process At Waymade Plc

Docuflow, a market leading workflow solutions provider and Government G-Cloud Supplier for “Cloud” accessed software, is pleased to announce a collaboration with Esker that has seen Waymade PLC implement a refined accounts payable (AP) solution.

The collaborative project with Esker, a pioneer in cloud computing and early adopter of AI-driven process automation solutions highlights the growing popularity of AP solutions and significance of this in the 21st century workplace.

Waymade PLC specialise in the licensing, sale and marketing of generic pharmaceutical products to retail pharmacies, hospitals and wholesalers. Prior to the Docuflow-Esker collaboration, Waymade PLC were manually coding the majority of their supplier invoices into SageX3, with two staff members working in AP. The majority of invoices were received as PDF attachments and had to be manually printed, coded, approved and archived. The approvals process was undertaken via the company’s internal mail which was both slow and manual.

A more efficient approval process

As the company had recently expanded to two office locations, a more efficient approval process was the main driver for change. A predicted further increase in business also meant that the solution needed to be scalable to cope with future volumes.

Thanks to Docuflow’s consultancy led engagement and Esker’s AI-driven AP solution platform, Waymade PLC have achieved numerous benefits. These include faster invoice processing, lower invoice approval time with automated notifications and on-the-go approval, increased visibility across the entire Accounts Payable process and improved productivity of the AP team. By streamlining work processes, Waymade PLC have allowed staff members to spend more time on higher-value tasks who can also now work smarter.

Docuflow covers every aspect of the accounts process, from AP and AR to Sales Order Processing, purchasing and document delivery. To see how Docuflow can help you streamline your business processes, get in touch with us today.

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