We Are Radikl Launches 'Calm Giving' To Support Female Founders Through Covid-19 Crisis

We Are Radikl Launches 'Calm Giving' To Support Female Founders Through Covid-19 Crisis

One hundred female founders can now get free membership to an online business community, set up to provide business help and support to women starting out and running their own company.

Sarah King and Claire Dunn from Nottingham, co-founded the ‘we are radikl’ community 17 months ago, with the aim of helping 6,000 women set up and run their own businesses by 2025.

In the current COVID-19 crisis situation, they wanted to offer their support to even more women and are joining forces with Equifax in a move that sees the credit reporting agency funding 100 new memberships to the ‘we are radikl’ community.

Membership to ‘we are radikl’ provides access to a unique package of e-learning support. The active online community space offers live business Q&As, hotseats and expert webinars and it also encourages members to share knowledge and experience to help fuel their own businesses.

Claire said:

“Like everyone our business has been impacted by COVID-19. We’ve had to redesign quickly, and our first step was to listen to the concerns of the women we currently serve and ensure we provide the right support, information and resources they need now and in a way that works for them.”

Sarah added:

“We know that sharing know-how, learning together and connecting with other female founders during these turbulent times is really vital, and we want to extend what we call our ‘Calm Giving’ strategy to even more women.

“For us calm giving happens when you bring three things together: listening to our customers to understand their needs, designing well so that our products and services have positive, targeted impact, and finding great people to collaborate with - because connection with great people feels more important than ever”.

Beth Whelan, head of debt services products at Equifax said the company felt it was important to support female founders, especially in the current climate. She said:

“We recognise the important role these entrepreneurs play in our economy, the communities they are part of and more broadly, for the female equality agenda - something we are passionate about at Equifax.

“Our belief is that ‘we are radikl’ can be an important lifeline to these businesses at a time when they most need someone to listen, access to shared insight and support to find the answers to the challenges they face.”

Claire and Sarah are also working with FinTech company ‘Tide’, which offers small business accounts, by hosting the company’s first ever online masterclass on Creative Confidence.

Cuan Hawker, events manager at Tide said:

“The purpose behind ‘we are radikl’ is closely aligned with our ambition to support 100,000 female founders in the UK and we hope this masterclass, which anyone can access via our website, will provide advice to small business owners in what is, a new way for us.”

Alongside the Equifax partnership and the work with Tide, Claire and Sarah are providing a range of additional know-how and support via their ‘Calm Giving’ hub on their website - including resources and business bulletins designed specifically with female founders in mind.

To apply for membership or for more information on ‘we are radikl’ visit www.weareradikl.co.uk/calm-giving.



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