Fundraiser launched to help disabled scooter enthusiast fulfil lifelong dream

Fundraiser launched to help disabled scooter enthusiast fulfil lifelong dream

A Mansfield businessman is calling on scooter enthusiasts and the local community to help raise funds to buy and adapt a Lambretta for a friend who was gravely injured in a road accident.

Darren Shuttleworth, who runs Re-Energize Consultancy, an agency which helps local fitness centres and other SMEs to raise their brand profile and get more customers, has launched a campaign to raise £6,000 to buy the new scooter for his friend, Vincent (Vince) Green.

Vince suffered life-changing injuries in 2000 when his car was in a head-on collision with a lorry.

The lorry fled the scene of the accident, leaving Vince fighting for his life. He was later airlifted to a local hospital where he underwent many operations in order to save his life.

Some of his injuries included a fractured right shoulder, broken hip, broken pelvis, broken knee, broken fibula and tibia, plus many more.

The extent of the injures was so bad it left Vince permanently disabled and unable to provide for his disabled wife and three children.

Altogether, Vince has had seven operations, none of which have been able to offer him the ability to walk again. All his right side is non-weight bound and he relies on a wheelchair and crutches to get around.

Over the years, this has caused serious depression and put a huge strain on his relationships with his wife and children.

Vince had gone through a terrible ordeal with the accident, which should have ended his life.

However, just when things could not get any worse for Vince and his family, in 2005, he suffered a serious fall which led to his artificial hip being broken and removed along with his pelvis, meaning his mobility was even more affected.

Vince now has pins and plates holding his body together and is set to undergo even more surgery for joint replacements.

Vince finds very little enjoyment in life. Fishing is one of his passions and a few months ago this was taken away from him after a series of burglaries, when his shed was emptied and the insurance was unable to pay out due to a loophole.

Mr Shuttleworth, a lifelong friend of Vince and his family, said: “Vince has gone through more heartache in his life, which also includes losing his first-born child, than anyone should go through in ten lifetimes.

“Myself and my wife, with the support of anyone who would like to help, want to help him fulfil a lifelong dream and buy him a Lambretta scooter, which will be adapted for him and his broken body. This is an amazing gift to an amazing friend, father, grandad and husband.

“If there are any funds left after the purchase and adaptions, the remainder will be donated to the NHS, which is not only holding the country together, but saved Vince's life back in 2000 and continues to provide the best possible care.

“Obviously, all donations would be gratefully appreciated, and if anyone is in the scooter community that can help, please feel free to get in touch.”

If you would like to make a donation, or for more information, visit Darren's campaign Facebook page.   

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