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Rising COVID stars support thousands to carry on connecting

Rising COVID stars support thousands to carry on connecting

Stephen and Philip have helped over 30,0000 businesses and charities, everyday through the pandemic, reach their 250th day of free support services, having given over £16m worth of support that has kept the nation connecting, and with the KuKu boys, it has kept people in the East Midlands laughing every day.

Stephen and Philip are the co-founders of KuKu Connect, a networking membership organisation that has been on lockdown since March, but that didn’t stop them from wanting to help others.  They set up a range of innovative free support services which have gained over 10 million hits on social media for the organisations, venues and charities they have been helping to highlight online.  On Tuesday (24th Nov) they will reach their 250th day of their free COVID support, which has gained them admiration all over the region, with a string of awards nominations, including being named the national Best Business Award winner for ‘Outstanding Support during COVID-19’, an accolade which has only been bestowed upon Stephen, Philip and KuKu Connect.

KuKu’s COVID-19 support services have included the ‘Carry On KuKu’ video-bulletins, broadcast over social media, like a kitsch news show, giving out daily business tips, events, opportunities, business news and offers to help viewing organisations, which has been refreshing and humorous.  KuKu Business Bites, another daily online video also features daily shout-outs for a range of individual businesses, venues and charity appeals recording 100’s of videos from their kitchen, which they turned into a ‘mini-studio’, which has now led to Stephen and Philip becoming COVID stars in their own right, being called ‘inspirational’, ‘heroes’, and with one viewer saying they were as good as Goggle Box in their unique style and presentation.

Another free service is the hugely popular KuKu Cocktail Hour, a unique networking event, which uses Facebook live to connect businesses and charities out to thousands of new connections.  Stephen and Philip run the event like a mini show, which keeps people amused whilst they champion a myriad of different types of businesses and charity appeals, all whilst they are dressed in black tie and drinking cocktails, it is quirky and very ‘KuKu’, but it has been effective for business, as well as a morale boost, ‘a vital life-line’ said one business owner.  One manufacturing business helped by KuKu raised over funds to manufacture PPE materials and within one week had distributed over 1.5k pieces of PPE to care homes and hospitals, whilst simultaneously setting up a new arm to this business, saving that business from having to close, just one of many heart-warming outcomes of KuKu’s amazing support services.

KuKu haven’t stopped there, not only have they helped independent venues, artisans and tiny community groups, but Stephen and Philip have embraced any organisations, using their platforms to raise awareness and funds for the Poppy Appeal and the NHS Charities.  KuKu’s infectious positivity and effectiveness has reached international audiences in Europe and the USA helping large organisations as well, including the likes of Disney World in the USA, who have been featured in one of the daily shout-out video shows.  With a new YouTube channel and mini-show, which will go onto support more and more organisations through the pandemic recovery; the first mini-episode features 4 diamond engagement rings from a local jeweller which total over £300k’s worth of diamonds.

Like so many Stephen and Philip’s own business has been devastated by the affects of the pandemic, but they have dedicated themselves voluntarily to helping others and although a small business themselves, they have made a huge impact in the region, which many people will remember, earning them heroic ‘COVID star-status’ as the East Midlands continues to combat COVID-19, but with KuKu by their side.

Image Credit: Suzanne Fells Photography - Whatton House

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