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Rhodes Wealth Management plays key part in keeping vulnerable African families fed during coronavirus crisis

Rhodes Wealth Management plays key part in keeping vulnerable African families fed during coronavirus crisis

Food has been delivered to hundreds of deprived people in an African community thanks to a charity which is backed by Derbyshire financial advisors.

Pamoja Leo in Tanzania was set up to ensure care for orphaned and vulnerable children.

It has been sponsored by Rhodes Wealth Management since Managing Director Adam Rhodes travelled to Tanzania in May 2017 to see the fantastic work Pamoja Leo carry out to help young children and families.

During the lockdown precipitated by coronavirus, the charity delivered food for 370 people every two weeks.

The charity's director, Georgina Harris-Hill, said: "Many of our children were underweight but were getting healthier after we delivered food.

"This would not have been accomplished without the amazing staff that Rhodes Wealth Management support at Pamoja Leo who packed and dropped all the food out every two weeks.

"The day lockdown was announced we distributed over 200 bars of soap and we carried out training for all caregivers. The training included the best ways to keep hygienic and safe as well as how to protect their children and their community.

"During the following weeks, we distributed 250 reusable masks to the community as well as 100s to all social workers and community workers within the Tanga region with handwashing stations and sanitisers.

"To ensure the children’s education was not impacted by coronavirus we printed thousands of worksheets which were given out every two weeks, purchased toys to distribute to ensure they were playing during lockdown and we bought 25 MP3 players and distributed them with pre-recorded lessons to ensure all children were supported through their learning.

"The past three months were some of the most challenging I have experienced since we have opened the centre. I am forever thankful that I have some such an amazing team who brought together our Covid-19 response plan.

"The consistent monthly support of our business partners means we are able to respond to the families and children’s needs.

"We know that times are hard but we also have felt the true spirit of togetherness through the support of a large global community that continues to show up for children."

Adam Rhodes added: "My life was changed when I visited Tanzania to see the huge impact we can have in helping vulnerable children and their families.

"I vowed then to do all I could to help this incredible charity and I am proud that many of our staff and clients have now joined me in that effort.

"The difference we can make is there for all to see."

If you would like to find out more about the valuable work Pamoja Leo do, visit

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