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Managing Mental Health - Practical Tips to help cope with the COVID-19 Crisis

Managing Mental Health - Practical Tips to help cope with the COVID-19 Crisis

As a consequence of the COVID-19 Crisis, many of us are working from home for the first time in our working lives. We have all had to adapt quickly over the last few weeks, we have had to consider innovative ways of running our businesses.

During these uncertain times, as well as focusing on our business it is important that we focus on wellbeing, not just our own mental and physical wellbeing but, the wellbeing of our employees.


Home working, isolation and stressful times - and the impact of the COVID-19 Crisis on mental health

COVID 19 means that we are quickly having to adapt to using technologies such as webinars, eLearning and video conferencing to keep connected. This overnight change in working practices would be stressful enough - but in the backdrop of what's happening across the planet, it's like we're starring in our own apocolptic movie.

With isolation being enforced through closure of social outlets, social distancing being something we'll need to apply for the foreseeable months ahead - people will have huge readjustments to cope with. It's likely that this period will change the way we work and, the way we are managing people forever. Will the traditional 9-5 office-based culture be a thing of the past?


Here are some top tips to helping to manage the mental wellbeing of yourself and your staff over the coming weeks and months


  • Bedding in - Allow time for people to adapt to a new way of working -It might take a couple of weeks for people to settle into home- based working. Staff might have trouble in getting technology working and becoming familiar with the various platforms.


  • Expectations - Consider the expectations you are placing on your employees. Like you they are probably worrying about relatives during the COVID19 Pandemic and so may have difficulty focusing.


  • Clarity – Be open and as honest as you can about staff numbers, pay and other benefits. People are, were possible looking for a bit of assurance that their job is secure. If you can offer some clarity and comfort do so.


Keep your staff engaged and occupied

Even if you see a downturn in business or a drop in demand, keep your staff busy. Perhaps now is a great time to refresh staff training using online training courses, webinars and distance learning?

Undertaking staff training is a great way of keeping staff engaged, building on the knowledge base within your business and, when the economic recovery comes you will be in a strong position.

Maintaining regular contact with your staff and keeping them updated will be a vital way of supporting them during the coming weeks and months. If you look after your employees now, you will see greater productivity, improved performance and more innovative thinking.


Free Managing Mental Health Guide

We have provided a guide to managing mental health, this guide gives some practical tips on managing mental health.


Author of this COVID-19 Business Support Hub Article

Richard Shakespeare Award-Winning Diversity & Inclusion Consultant

Richard Shakespeare

WORKPLACE DIVERSITY SOLUTIONS - Richard's business has been a keen supporter of Love Business since the first Expo in 2012. Findout more about him and his business here on the Love Business Profile Page.

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Richard Shakespeare

Probably the most passionate business person you'll meet – born with Cerebral Palsy, & following redundancy, Richard applied and was rejected from 1923 job applications. It seemed to come from a lack of training & awareness of employing someone with this condition.

As a result, Richard took away the positive, and decided to create a career and businesses focused on educating people about disability, diversity & inclusion in the workplace.

He's spent the last decade consulting, and is proud to have trained over 35,000 people to become more inclusive in their workplace. Operating UK wide, Richard's high profile clients include Eurostar International, East Midlands Trains, Care Quality Commission, Experian, SSE & Novotel Hotels. We’ve helped them to identify training needs & given them a strategic approach to diversity, equality and inclusion.

WORKPLACE DIVERSITY SOLUTIONS - Richard's business, are experts at helping organisations promote equality & social inclusion for people with disabilities. They teach businesses how to improve their support & encourage diversity within the workplace, helping you meet your legal obligations. Richard has been interviewed by well-known journalists like Cathy Newman at Channel 4 News, and Gary O’Donoghue at BBC on this topic. He's also advised Boris!


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