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5 Things your team MUST have during the current crisis

5 Things your team MUST have during the current crisis

The world of work is changing before our eyes, and whatever happens, will never be the same again.  Unless you're part of the AMAZING ‘front line’ NHS team, you need 5 things to make sure your increasingly dispersed team realises their true potential:


  1. Kindness – this is going to be hard, but will affect us all in different ways, and hit some harder than others.  More than ever, we need to be kind.  Don’t add to the other person’s burden, help them. At work – and in our neighbourhoods.  Who have you helped today?


  1. Structure – routine is crucial when working from home.  Get dressed.  Don't stay hunched over a computer all day – get up and move.  My day now starts with a bike ride – I come back full of energy and brimming with ideas.  What does your ideal day look like? Now make it!


  1. Connection - social distancing doesn't mean we can't connect.  Calls. Messages. That super-duper team collaboration conference thingy you’ve never used before?  Now is the time!  Don’t let anyone in your team become truly isolated.  How have you connected with someone today?


  1. Clarity – circumstances have changed – goals probably need to change too.  Get those ‘someday’ goals off the shelf.  Make sure everyone in your team knows exactly what they need to deliver for the current period.  Do your team have real clarity?


  1. Trust – some will take advantage.  That’s life.  Lead with kindness, structure, clarity & connection, and your team will deliver MORE than ever.  Much of leadership is knowing when to get out of the way!  How have you shown trust today?


The world of work is changing, so we need to change with it.  How you work with your team, and how your team work with each other is going to be crucial over the coming months. 


Make time now to evaluate how you work – and how you and your team can use the current situation not just to survive, but thrive.

Author of this COVID-19 Business Support Hub Article

Peter Anderton Speaker & High Performance Team Engineer - Leicester


Peter Anderton

Peter Anderton is an engineer who really understands how people, teams and organisations work. He uses his understanding to bring about change that lasts. He is a high-performance team engineer.

Peter’s career began as an engineer working with real teams, in the real world, making real things happen. Over 25 years he went from engineering world-class teams to developing 3M, a global science-based conglomerate.

During his final years at 3M he worked with the board – and their leadership teams – as the UK Organisational Development Manager.


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