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For the Love of Jazz

For the Love of Jazz

Leicester is set to become the epicentre of the jazz world as the highly anticipated 'For the Love of Jazz' festival takes place on Saturday, 20th July, from 12 PM to 8:30 PM.

This free one-day festival promises an exceptional celebration of jazz, community and culture featuring an impressive lineup of artists from across the globe.

Venue Details:
Location: Jubilee Square, Leicester City Centre
Date & Time: Saturday, 20th July, 12 PM - 8:30 PM
Admission: Free!

Featured Artists:
At the heart of the festival, the dynamic group Steam Down will captivate audiences with their electrifying blend of jazz, hip-hop, and future soul. Their debut single, ‘Free My Skin’, has garnered over 1.8 million streams worldwide, and featured in the official Adidas 2020 FIFA World Cup campaign. Their follow-up single ‘Etcetera’ released through the legendary American jazz label Blue Note, has received over 1.7 million streams and appears on the FIFA21 official soundtrack.

Tomás Doncker is the founder and CEO of True Groove Records and a prolific international guitarist and singer-songwriter from the US. He will deliver powerful blues and soul-infused jazz performances. Complementing these headliners, the Ryan West Quartet will bring a modern twist to classic jazz, while Emma Rawicz will showcase her innovative blend of traditional and contemporary jazz. Ubunye, winners of Best Ensemble at the Parliamentary Jazz Awards 2023, will combine South African rhythms with jazz and gospel, delivering vibrant performances and King Brasstards will infuse traditional New Orleans jazz with modern energy. Additionally, rising star Ni Maxine will add their unique sounds and vibrant energy. Acclaimed saxophonist and
spoken word artist Marcus Joseph will be joined by award-winning tuba player and composer Theon Cross, incredible vocalists Janel Antoneishia and Randolph Matthews and exceptional musicians Edward Wakili-Hick and Dian Gasper.

As the festival draws to a close, attendees will be treated to a spectacular finale featuring a procession and immersive performance at the cathedral. This unique ending promises to leave a lasting impression, blending the historical grandeur of the cathedral with the vibrant spirit of jazz
music. Join us for an unforgettable day of music, culture, and celebration.

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