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Ready for the future: Leicestershire developer embraces digitalisation in push to be operate greener and more effectively

Ready for the future: Leicestershire developer embraces digitalisation in push to be operate greener and more effectively

Morro Partnerships is making a company-wide effort to remove paper wherever possible and digitalise their business practices to further their aims to push the construction sector into more environmentally-friendly habits.

The Midlands based developer places high Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) standards at the heart of all its operations.

Digitalisation has become one of the guiding ideas of Morro’s business philosophy with a concentrated effort across the business to reduce the amount of paper used and completely remove the use of plastics in their customer handover packs.

At the forefront of this push has been Project QR. All of Morro’s clients are given access to an exclusive QR code which they can then share with their customers. This QR code allows customers easy access to a virtual home user guide, helping residents settle into their new home and understand all the features and facilities it has to offer. This includes the operation of appliances, mould management and reducing energy consumption.

Project QR has not only removed the need for printed manuals in completion packs but it’s a clear demonstration of Morro’s commitment to help their clients, who have increasing pressure to provide optimal tenant management, whilst being environmentally friendly. It’s also had a positive impact on reducing the amount of defect call outs, with a 20 per cent decrease since the initiative was first implemented late 2023.

Matthew Moore, CEO at Morro Partnerships, said:

“Morro is committed to making our industry better tomorrow than it is today.

“It’s a long road to get the industry to where we all want it to be here at Morro, but we’re immensely proud of the steps that we have, and will continue to take, to get there.

“From our work in the office, to our work on-site, we’re taking our environmental responsibility seriously at every level of the business.”

While Morro is committed to continuously developing greener, more carbon- and energy-efficient ways of working, the sustainable principles go beyond the practices within the working day, with an emphasis on the collective changing of habits and living in our everyday lives.

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