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Animal charity receives £3,000 donation from Northamptonshire builder

Animal charity receives £3,000 donation from Northamptonshire builder

Hedgehog conservation charity, Brackley Hogwatch, has received a £3,000 donation from Barratt Homes to assist with its vital work.

In 2011, the charity’s founder Andrew Jackson set up research looking into the reasons for the decline of hedgehogs across the UK. To facilitate his research, Andrew also set up a hedgehog hospital at his own home to care for the sick and injured hedgehogs and made certain valuable observations, whilst saving many lives.

The donation was made as part of the Barratt Foundation, which is designed to support national and local charities, large and small, across the UK to leave a legacy in the communities in which the housebuilder operates.

Becky Warwick, Treasurer at Brackley Hogwatch, said:

“Hedgehogs have been officially classified as vulnerable to extinction since 2020. Throughout the years Andrew cared for over 2,000 sick and injured hedgehogs.

“One of his key discoveries was that the small hedgehogs found late in the year were sick hedgehogs from the first litters that had failed to grow and thrive, due to parasite burdens.

“Tragically, Andrew passed away in September 2023, having saved the lives of thousands of hedgehogs, but not having completed all his research objectives.

"The £3,000 donation was very gratefully received and given the current circumstances it has come at an extremely critical time, while we are trying to re-establish the hedgehog rescue facility in Brackley. We have a good team of local hedgehog volunteers, and the donation made by Barratt Homes has enabled some of them to attend a training course.

“Donations such as this enable us to continue to provide food, housing and medicines to the sick hedgehogs. We think it is excellent that Barratt Homes is contributing back to the local community in such a way and would like to like to offer our most sincere thank you.”

Due to Andrew’s untimely death, Brackley Hogwatch are currently in desperate need to find alternative premises to care for the sick hedgehogs.

Simon Francis, Managing Director at Barratt Homes Northampton, said:

“We are delighted to be able to offer Brackley Hogwatch a donation to support the fantastic work it does. As a leading housebuilder we strive to support the communities in and around the areas in which we build.

“It’s brilliant to see charities like Brackley Hogwatch looking out for the wellbeing of our wildlife, that dearly needs preserving.”

To find out more about the charity, visit the website at Brackley Hogwatch.

For more information about developments in the area, visit the website at Barratt Homes in Northamptonshire.

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