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East Midlands company introduces new leadership team to help promote fire safety

East Midlands company introduces new leadership team to help promote fire safety

Steering Firechief® Global Towards a Brighter Future: Introducing A New Senior Leadership Team

As part of a continuous drive for innovation and excellence in fire safety, Firechief® Global is excited to announce the formation of a new Senior Leadership Team. This strategic move will improve organisational structure and enhance leadership capabilities, supporting Firechief® Global’s mission of making the world a safer place.

The vision at Firechief® Global has always been clear – to create a world where everyone can live and work free from the fear of fire. To help bring this vision into reality, the Senior Leadership Team will be focused on strategic growth, product innovation, and delivering the superior service levels that customers value so highly.

Headed up by the Managing Director, the Senior Leadership Team is a compact team of 4 individuals, each bringing a wealth of experience and a unique perspective to the table. The team consists of:

Laurie Pollard – Managing Director

With more than 2 decades of experience in the fire safety industry, Laurie is keenly aware of the devastation and damage that fire can cause and is passionately driven to make the world a safer place through market-leading fire safety solutions. Laurie leads from the front in building on the past 20 years to develop strategic growth plans, creating a high-performance team focused on delivering results.

Ian Poole – Sales and Marketing Director

With experience across multiple sectors, including the care sector, Ian is highly motivated to help care for and protect others. He leads Firechief® Global's sales and marketing teams, championing education and awareness of fire safety in both commercial and domestic environments.

Sean Hutchinson – Operations Director

With a robust background spanning 30 years in procurement, Sean brings a wealth of experience to the operational management of Firechief®. A CIPS member since 2006, Sean is driving improvements across the full operations team, including supply chain, fulfilment, compliance, and new product development. Sean enjoys developing strategic partnerships with partners across the operations function. 

Chetan Thakar – Finance Director

With more than a decade of experience leading the Finance team at Firechief® Global, Chetan has developed a robust and sustainable financial structure at Firechief® Global. Carrying a degree in Accountancy & Finance, Chetan plays an instrumental role in steering strategic financial planning and ensuring the financial health of the company.

The key goals of the Senior Leadership Team include:

  • Innovating and expanding Firechief® Global’s product offering to meet ever-evolving fire safety risks as they emerge.
  • Strengthening partnerships with key stakeholders across all areas of the business, creating a stable platform for growth.
  • Enhancing customer service to provide the best customer experience possible.

Laurie Pollard, Managing Director, commented

“Implementing this new leadership structure enables us to accelerate our growth and increase our speed and ability to innovate, strengthening our position as the UK's fastest growing fire safety brand.”


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