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Baker Hughes Launches New Druck Combined Pressure and Temperature Sensor for Motorsport

Baker Hughes Launches New Druck Combined Pressure and Temperature Sensor for Motorsport

Druck, a Baker Hughes business and industry leader in pressure measurement technology and instrumentation, announced today the launch of its durable, high accuracy and reliability combined pressure and temperature motorsport sensor, the 4400T.

Leveraging a strong track record of developing cutting edge pressure and temperature measurement technology across many of the world’s elite motorsport series, the 4400T is designed and engineered to withstand the most demanding race conditions, including intense temperatures (up to 185°C), speeds of more than 350km per hour and extreme vibration. 

The 4400T provides advanced levels of accuracy, reliability and durability, across pressure and temperature measurement applications including fuels, oils, coolants and hydraulic systems.

Race teams are set to benefit across a number of motorsport applications:

  • By providing precise oil pressure data, the 4400T will highlight any irregularities and reduce the risk of engine failure.
  • Providing highly accurate brake pressure data will enable race teams to optimize chassis and torque setup. The Hawk Racing British Superbike Team shaved more than two seconds from lap times at Donnington directly attributing the success to adjustments to the chassis set up based on analysis of brake pressure data recorded by Druck sensors.
  • Combining two sensors into one, race engineers will also benefit from extra engine or chassis space, simplified wiring, easier installation and reduced weight, plus fast and simple verification. 

“In an industry where milliseconds can make the difference, the launch of our breakthrough 4400T technology will help enable race teams to deliver efficiencies and improve performance on the track,” said Gordon Docherty, general manager of Druck, a Baker Hughes business.  “We’re excited to extend our strong track record in motorsport and augment our reputation for producing durable, accurate and reliable technology that delivers marginal gains.”

The 4400T is an evolution of Druck’s highly successful 4400 series, widely used for many years across the motorsport sector. Forming part of Baker Hughes’ Druck motorsport portfolio and developed specifically for motorsport, the 4400T is designed to suit all chassis and engine pressure and temperature measurement applications. It has a maximum operating temperature of 185°C and delivers industry leading accuracy across a range of pressures from 1.6bar to 250bar.

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