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The Access Group acquires engagement automation platform Elay

The Access Group acquires engagement automation platform Elay

The Access Group, a leading provider of business management software to mid-market organisations in the UK, Ireland, the US and Asia Pacific, has announced the acquisition of Elay, a multi-channel engagement automation platform.

Through this acquisition, Access Recruitment, a division of The Access Group, will be able to offer its customers a tailored approach to automation that is designed to overhaul recruitment workflows, automating routine tasks so that agencies can effectively build their workforce without needing more desks – putting their internal talent onto higher value-driving activities while letting technology do the more mundane ones.

The Access Group has a track record of acquiring cutting-edge recruitment technology innovations and strategically investing in them to integrate seamlessly within a unified ecosystem. Acquiring Elay marks the next step in The Access Group’s AI and automation advancements within the recruitment sector, with its CRM automation already integrated with their Vincere CRM product and the chatbot functionality with Volcanic, the recruitment website builder.

Access Recruitment and Elay will offer customers a suite of features – collectively called ‘Access Automate’ - that will deliver an unrivalled recruitment experience and transform operations. These include:

CRM automation – enabling recruiters to automate candidate and client engagement and business development workflows, deliver data hygiene tasks and cover back-office and compliance processes.

LinkedIn outreach acceleration – boosting outreach around the clock through hyper-personalisation to capture more leads and build deeper relationships.

Intelligent chatbots – enhancing every interaction with personalisation, from lead generation to handling routine inquiries or updating databases.

On top of this, out-of-the-box no-code options are available and an AI digital copywriter from within the Chrome browser helps recruiters tailor their words to different audiences while receiving recommendations to enhance conversion rates. 

Christian Fleck, managing director at Access Recruitment, said:

“Bringing Elay on board is an exciting step for Access Recruitment and this acquisition marks a significant milestone in our commitment to delivering unparalleled value to our customers.

“We know interest in AI and automation is at an all-time high for recruiters and we’re pleased to add another way for our customers to leverage these technologies today, building on our already live AI-led functionality like our bias analyser in Volcanic. We want to show recruitment agencies how they can use AI or automation today to grow their operations and ultimately win more business. 

Working with cutting edge tools like Elay underscores our dedication to bringing ready-to-use innovations to our customers - this acquisition will revolutionise recruitment outreach, helping our customers to capture more leads, deepen candidate-client relationships and accelerate revenue. We’re looking forward to working closely with Mehdi Este and the Elay team to make this integration as seamless as possible. From today, any customer on one of our Volcanic packages can benefit from complimentary chatbots, powered by Elay, and our broader customers can expect to see more of Elay’s functionality in their products soon.”

Mehdi Este, co-founder of Elay, added:

“Since founding Elay in 2020, our mission has been to revolutionise the way recruitment businesses connect and engage with their clients or candidates. Joining forces with Access Recruitment represents an exciting new chapter in our journey, one that will amplify the impact of our solution and bring even greater value to customers.”

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