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Meet South Leicestershire’s new family-focused care company

Meet South Leicestershire’s new family-focused care company

In a business venture underscored by social responsibility, Leicester and its surrounding communities have welcomed new in-home care company Visiting Angels, led by Managing Director Ranjit Khunti and Registered Care Manager Hannah Flack.

The duo, driven by a desire to make a tangible difference in people's lives, promise a fresh, innovative approach to in-home care, where every carer and client is treated with the utmost dignity and respect. As they embark on this new journey, they are poised to redefine what it means to provide quality care in the comfort of one’s home.

Ranjit Khunti enjoyed a successful 20-year career in his family’s local clothing manufacturing business before transitioning to the care sector with Visiting Angels. Hannah meanwhile brings nearly two decades of experience in care to the operation, starting her career at 16 with individuals with learning disabilities before making the leap to elderly care. Inspired by her mother’s experience in the care sector, Hannah hopes to continue her legacy and passion for supporting the elderly to help Visiting Angels trailblaze in an area crying out for compassionate and out-front care provision.

“During the pandemic, my grandma had to go into a care home,” said Hannah.

“The care decisions ultimately fell to me. Despite my background in the sector, the challenge of caring for my own family member was unlike anything I’d ever faced.

"I was accustomed to caring for others, but making such a personal choice - especially during the pandemic - was the hardest decision of my life. It’s given me a much deeper understanding and appreciation of what families go through in such heart-wrenching circumstances, which has spurred me on to provide that family level of sympathy and empathy to our clients and our carers here at Visiting Angels.

"I’m determined to make sure our carers feel safe and supported in the extremely challenging work they do, and that the families never feel alone in the process.” 

The UK’s care system is struggling, and too often failing, to meet the needs of the growing elderly population. With society’s needs becoming increasingly complex, care providers are now faced with the challenging task of ensuring carers are continually upskilled while providing financial and personal recognition. With caregiver turnover rising to 77% in 2023 for reasons such as low pay, poor working conditions or too much responsibility, Visiting Angels’ revitalised approach of caring for carers before anyone else is addressing the need to establish a strong, committed and highly skilled workforce. Through both financial rewards and opportunities for career development, Ranjit and the Visiting Angels team are determined to reform the care industry's conditions, which often leave carers feeling little to no appreciation.

“I've been in Leicester since I came to England at 8 years old,” added Ranjit.

“This city’s got my heart. I love the community here – it’s our town, and it feels like everyone belongs which is what I intend to project with Visiting Angels. This venture is driven by the desire to give independence back to those who need it most, and with my grandmother passing away during covid, Visiting Angels’ mission is so important to me on a personal level.

"Visiting Angels is all about providing exceptional care while equally making carers feel the same level of love and respect. Whether it’s companionship, tailored healthcare or additional support, we intend to be there for everyone who needs us in the community.

"In the care industry, it’s often the case that carers have to rush from house to house through no fault of their own, but at Visiting Angels we want to make sure we have time for those real, meaningful moments. It's not just care; it's about making a real difference to people’s physical and mental health.”

For more information, or to see how Visiting Angels could help care for your loved ones, visit or call Ranjit, Hannah and the team on 0116 5075070

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