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Melton Building Society embraces sustainability with new plastic-free passbook wallets

Melton Building Society embraces sustainability with new plastic-free passbook wallets

In a move for sustainability, Melton Building Society has announced the move to 100% plastic free passbook wallets made entirely from card.

The new eco-friendly passbook wallet, launched last week across all branches, marking another milestone in the Society's commitment to its green agenda.

The newly designed passbook wallets not only eliminate the use of plastic but are also recyclable, aligning with Melton Building Society's pledge to promote environmental responsibility and sustainability. Members can now obtain these eco-friendly passbook wallets by speaking to branch colleagues, ensuring their savings needs are met in a manner that is kinder to the planet.

Melton Building Society's transition to plastic-free passbook wallets is part of a broader effort to reduce its environmental impact and encourage a culture of sustainability among its members and the community.

"We recognise the urgent need to address environmental challenges, and we are committed to doing our part," said Rachel Kolebuk, Chief Customer Officer, of Melton Building Society. "By introducing these recyclable passbook wallets, we are taking a step forward towards more sustainable practices. These wallets are designed to be durable, yet easily recyclable when they eventually need to be replaced, ensuring a minimal environmental impact.”

Melton Building Society encourages members to visit their local branch to switch to the new card-based passbook wallets once their plastic wallets have come to the end of their lifespan where branch colleagues are ready to assist members with the transition. More information on the Society's green initiatives is available on their website


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