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Leicestershire Innovation Festival 2024

Leicestershire Innovation Festival 2024

Leicestershire Innovation Festival 2024: 5-16 February 2024

The annual Leicestershire Innovation Festival brings together large and small organisations from all sectors to promote and signpost opportunities for increasing productivity. It highlights both new-to-market and new-to-business innovation. The Festival is led by the LLEP Business Gateway Growth Hub.

This year’s theme is ‘Small Change, Big Impact’ and there’s a variety of events to choose from, listed below.

The Leicestershire Innovation Awards are also linked to the festival and provide an opportunity to share in your successes. Find out about the awards and categories here -

The nomination deadline is midnight on 18 February 2024.

February 2024 – Week 1

01 | Unleash your business potential: pitch deck perfection (pre-festival webinar)

06 | Innovation, Productivity and Health Inequalities - Developing a Road Map for Leicestershire

07 | How Innovate UK can help your business innovate and grow

07 | LEBC Shaping the Future Workforce

08 | Unleash your Business Potential: Discover the Power of Funding

08 | Brewing Innovative Ideas Roadshow: Oadby & Wigston

08 | Innovation Workout - Hone Your Business Fitness

09 | Ask the Investor: Everything you wanted to know but were unable to ask!

09 | Made Smarter East Midlands and Interact Technology Transfer Workshop

February 2024 – Week 2

12 | Designing Tomorrow's Workplace: A Blueprint for Innovation

13 | CyberConnect: Where IT meets everyone

13 | Leicester Startups Accelerator - Where Are They Now?

13 | Unleash your Business Potential: Discover the Power of Funding Webinar Series and Finale (by invitation if attended webinar series)

14 | MIRA TechPark Connect

14 | Funding Early Business Growth

14 | A 24-month Business Outlook of Generative AI

15 | Breaking the Pattern, Innovating recruitment, selection & retention in the Creative Industries

15 | Hydrogen Skills: Fuelling Futures in Leicester and Leicestershire

16 | Leicester Music Conference

16 | Innovation and Entrepreneur Friday: Empowering Innovators in Journey of Innovation

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