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UK leading leisure management software supplier Gladstone Ltd announces multi-million-pound deal with Everyone Active

UK leading leisure management software supplier Gladstone Ltd announces multi-million-pound deal with Everyone Active

Gladstone Ltd, the leading supplier of leisure management software in the UK & Ireland, has today announced a multi-million-pound deal and long-term investment with leading UK leisure operator, Everyone Active.

As the number one choice for over 500 health and leisure operators, servicing in excess of 40,000 users and 8,000,000 members, the deal for Gladstone’s services represents the largest of its kind in the industry, highlighting their status as a trusted software partner of choice.

The development marks the continuation of a dynamic collaboration that commenced in 2006 when Gladstone, chosen as Everyone Active's technology partner of choice, began playing a pivotal role in their strategic goal to become one of the UK's foremost leisure management companies, now with over 200 managed sites across over 60 local authorities.

As with all good relationships though, it continues to evolve in response to the ever-changing demands of the industry. With Gladstone providing a dedicated team of developers and product experts, Everyone Active has had the opportunity to innovate and adapt swiftly, and as part of the new long-term investment, Everyone Active has elected to move their infrastructure from an on-premise environment to the Gladstone Cloud, a managed private cloud infrastructure predominately on Azure which will enable them to deliver enhanced digital experiences for their customers. Added to this, the company is undergoing a transition to Gladstone’s cloud-native solution, GladstoneGo.

As a best-in-class solution and the UK’s first true cloud-native leisure management consumer solution - a watershed moment for the industry - GladstoneGo is the result of four years of hard work, with the industry somewhat lagging behind other industries in its digital transformation. That said, Gladstone very deliberately over invested at a level beyond their competitors in research and development to be able to bring it to market.

The transition by Everyone Active highlights significant progress made by Gladstone in establishing themselves as leaders in the digital transformation landscape. Notably, with Everyone Active embracing Gladstone's cloud-native solution, it signifies that an impressive 1,000+ sites are now operating on GladstoneGo, demonstrating the widespread adoption and trust in Gladstone's innovative approach to leisure management.

By adopting GladstoneGo, Everyone Active gains access to a suite of enhancements, including Gladstone's new APIs and GladstonePay. These tools will empower Everyone Active to make data-driven decisions, ensuring seamless business operations through robust infrastructure service monitoring and advanced security services.

Claire Rollins, CEO at Gladstone Ltd explains:

"Our commitment to Everyone Active runs deep, built on trust, belief, and a shared vision for mutual growth. We are thrilled to expand our partnership and collectively pave the way for a brighter future for the industry. Spearheading the digital transformation of our sector, we take pride in onboarding Everyone Active onto our best-in-class cloud-native solution, a significant step forward in this journey."

Andrew Marshall, Principal Architect at Gladstone Ltd adds:

"The strength of our relationship with Everyone Active is a testament to our unwavering dedication to their success. Over the years, we've worked hand-in-hand, growing trust and delivering exceptional value. We look forward to continuing to support Everyone Active’s vision to be everyone’s first choice for activity, by using Gladstone’s cloud-native solution."

Ben Beevers, Group Development Director at Everyone Active comments:

"Given the level of service we have received from Gladstone over the many years we've worked together, the decision to expand our relationship working with them in the long-term was a no-brainer. We are incredibly excited by their ever-evolving offering and cannot wait to better serve our members with the help of our new cloud-native software solution."

Gladstone is also thrilled to welcome back Irish multi-site operator Westwood Club, who have also signed a long-term deal with Gladstone. Westwood's return underscores Gladstone's commitment to delivering exceptional value and cutting-edge solutions for single-site operators and larger multi-site portfolios across the UK & Ireland.

The news comes at a time when Gladstone continues to thrive at the forefront of the sector's digital transformation. Earlier this year, Gladstone achieved a record turnover of £14 million, a testament to their ongoing dedication to research and development to drive the industry forward.

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