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Roberts Travel Introduces the Future of Transportation with Electric Coaches in Leicestershire

Roberts Travel Introduces the Future of Transportation with Electric Coaches in Leicestershire

Roberts Travel Group, Leicestershire’s largest independent coach, bus and tour operator, is at the forefront of sustainable travel with the introduction of their Electric Coach. This progressive move reflects the company's dedication to a greener and environmentally conscious future.


The Electric Coach stands out for its exceptional range, covering an impressive 220 miles on a single charge, extendable up to 270 miles with an additional battery. It is meticulously designed to accommodate local and private hire needs, day trips and corporate transportation, providing an optimal solution for businesses and communities committed to achieving their sustainability goals. This coach adds to the other 11 park & ride vehicles already in fleet.

Charging the Electric Coach is convenient and efficient, requiring only 2 hours fast charging to recharge the coach to 100%. Roberts Travel Group HQ is well-equipped with 14 charging points, ensuring a smooth and seamless charging experience.

Regarding environmental advantages, the Electric Coach champions sustainability by generating zero emissions and functioning on 100% electricity. All Roberts Travel Group’s electricity is generated from sustainable power sources, like solar wind for example, and not power stations. This impact is substantial, with a single coach load replacing the necessity for 50 cars, establishing it as a significantly sustainable mode of travel. This carbon footprint reduction, enhanced energy efficiency and the promotion of renewable energy adoption underscores its positive contribution to a more sustainable world.

Roberts prioritises accessibility and comfort, ensuring the Electric Coach is PSVAR compliant and offers complete wheelchair access for an inclusive travel experience. Boasting 50 reclining seats, each equipped with charging points, it guarantees passengers a comfortable and convenient journey. Compared to traditional diesel powered coaches, the Electric Coach promises passengers a quieter and smoother ride, elevating the overall travel experience.

Demonstrating a solid commitment to environmental responsibility, Roberts is actively exploring options to offset carbon emissions from their non-electric vehicles. This includes ensuring every mile driven is ‘carbon captured’ through planting new woodland here in the UK or offset by forests worldwide.

Roberts has plans to organise an open day for corporate clients and industry members, allowing them to experience the Electric Coach firsthand and gain insights into its positive environmental impact. They are also rolling out a special promotion to encourage early adoption and promote sustainable travel. Those who book before the end of November will enjoy a 10% discount on the booking price, incentivising individuals and businesses to embrace this eco-friendly mode of transportation.

Jonathan Hunt, CEO of Roberts Travel, said,

"Embracing the Electric Coach marks a transformative moment for Roberts Travel Group, reflecting our unwavering commitment to a more sustainable and environmentally responsible future. We believe this innovative step will redefine travel and inspire our community to join us in driving positive change. The Electric Coach is a testament to our dedication to delivering exceptional experiences for our passengers and meaningful contributions to preserving our planet."

Join Roberts Travel Group in the journey towards a sustainable and cleaner future, where every mile contributes to a more eco-friendly world.

To hire the Electric Coach and partake in sustainable travel, contact Roberts Travel Group via email at or by phone on 01530 816 424.

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