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Top award goes to Leicester doctor for innovative pain management clinic

Top award goes to Leicester doctor for innovative pain management clinic

Healand Clinic is led by Medical Director, Dr. Omar Babar - a Consultant in Emergency Medicine - who has a clinical team of experienced Senior Medical and Nursing professionals as well as psychotherapists and other Allied Health Professionals (AHP) on board. 

Recently, he has been awarded a top award for his work. Amongst fierce competition, Dr. Babar scooped the prestigious award for Medic of the Year in the inaugural British Asian Professional Awards 2023. 

Dr Babar, explains:

“I am thrilled to have won this prestigious award and to have been surrounded by so many outstanding people from a range of sectors was incredibly inspirational. It is a testament to all the hard work we have been involved in.

“I established Healand Clinic to bring together specialist medical knowledge, clinicians, and experts all into one place. 

“After working on the frontline in emergency medicine at one of the busiest UK hospitals for over a decade I know people’s health is their priority. I also recognised that there is a gap in alternative treatment choices and swifter access to modern options in this part of the UK. I also know that there are preventative treatments available that can help enhance people’s health.   

“Some of the treatments we offer at the clinic are available on the NHS but others are completely innovative, because they provide modern alternatives. These are all legal in the UK, but not widely available. Similarly we have the ability to treat people with immediate needs, quickly.

“At The Healand Clinic we give people a wider choice of pain and wellness treatments that they might not normally have access to.”

The team of experts at Healand Clinic are all medically qualified and specialise in the areas of mental health, chronic pain, hormone therapy along with accredited aesthetics and wellness treatments. 

Therapeutic modalities cover a wide range of medical treatments that have not ever been available in one place in the East Midlands. These include pain management such as Ozone treatments as well as aesthetics, Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP), hair rejuvenation, IV Nutrition and Vitamin Therapy, cryotherapy, hormone therapy, bio-enhancement and psychotherapy.

The bio-enhancement therapies on offer are innovative and evidence-based; they target physical and mental well being which in turn help with upliftment. Boosting cellular health and rejuvenating people from the inside.  Bio-enhancement therapies are also available which target physical and mental wellbeing. This includes NAD+ Infusion, Methylene Blue Infusion, Procaine Infusion, Peptide Therapy, IV Nutrition and Vitamin Therapy, and Genito-Urinary Enhancement. 

Omar concludes:

“This award reflects my passion in providing exceptional care with treatments that can combat pain, improve wellbeing, and boost confidence.

“All treatments are given in a safe and controlled way, based on what we understand and know about the patient. We review their medical history and ensure a thorough consultation process which may also include specific tests. 

“Our medical expertise, training and specialties means we can administer treatments effectively and without unnecessary delay for the patient. 

“All of our treatments are for people who meet a very set criteria. They are not a cure - they are a treatment option. An option that forms part of an individual’s healthcare journey.” 

Healand Clinic opened in June and the long term vision of the clinic is to provide even more treatment options that are sought after, cutting-edge and proven to enhance people’s health and improve lives. 

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