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Mason Foodservice expands its Operations through Acquisition of Bread Supplier

Mason Foodservice expands its Operations through Acquisition of Bread Supplier

Mason Foodservices, a leading provider of food products to the catering industry in the Midlands region of almost 80 years, is delighted to announce the recent acquisition of a local bread distributor.

The strategic move, which took place in recent weeks, marks an important milestone in Mason Foodservices' growth strategy and opens up new opportunities for expansion.

The decision to acquire the business was prompted by the retirement plans of the former owner, who had been serving loyal customers for over 30 years and who wishes to remain anonymous. When Mason Foodservices was notified of the opportunity in late 2022, both parties engaged in constructive discussions for approximately two and a half months to finalise the deal. The acquisition was completed successfully, allowing for a smooth transition to the new customer base.

By integrating the acquired business into its operations, Mason Foodservices anticipates several key benefits. Firstly, the company will gain access to a customer base it has not previously served, providing an avenue for growth and enabling expansion into new areas of the Midlands region. Additionally, the acquisition enables Mason Foodservices to offer a comprehensive range of products and services to newly acquired customers. With its extensive product range, Mason Foodservices aims to provide a convenient one-stop solution for all their customers' needs.

Mason Foodservices is committed to maintaining consistent pricing and delivery policies for the newly acquired customer base. The company has worked closely with the former owner and the bread supplier to ensure that customers receive the same excellent products at the same price. The only change customers will experience is the transition to Mason Foodservices' fleet of vans and drivers, offering them the option to purchase additional products from the company, including dairy produce, frozen food items and fresh fruit and veg.

As part of the acquisition, Mason Foodservices has made strategic improvements to its management and workforce. The company has expanded its team and acquired additional vans to meet the demands of the increased customer base. These enhancements will contribute to delivering exceptional service and ensuring a seamless integration of the new business within Mason Foodservices' existing operations.

Ash Payne, Sales Director at Mason Foodservices has stated:

"Our long-standing customers can expect the same exceptional service they have come to know and trust. With this acquisition, we are excited to extend our high-quality products and services to a new customer base, enhancing their experience and solidifying our presence in the market."

Regarding future plans, Mason Foodservices hinted at potential future acquisitions or expansions. The company aims to leverage the acquired customer base to build a stronger foothold in the market and foster its already excellent relationship with Adkins Bakery.

In the meantime, they are dedicated to creating a seamless experience for all customers and stakeholders. The acquisition signifies the company's commitment to growth, customer satisfaction, and continuous improvement in the food services industry.

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