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Ambitious and forward-thinking, a £33 million construction business has set its sights on achieving further growth – by focusing on its people, its performance and the planet.

After successfully completing two challenging “visions” since 2020, the Lincolnshire-based Gelder Group – which employs about 250 people across its Sturton-by-Stow headquarters and branches in Barlborough, Derbyshire and Lichfield in Staffordshire – has launched its Gelder World Vision 2025.

Gelder Chief Executive Officer Steve Gelder said:

“After completing two visions, deciding to create a third should have been a piece of cake – but it never gets easier!

“However, we have decided to do it because it gives us a focus and purpose beyond the day-to-day challenges of operating a business whilst. hopefully, inspiring and motivating everyone connected with the company.”

News comes as Mr Gelder revealed that its previous visions have not only engaged staff, but the results are reflected in the Group’s bottom line figures.

Gelder staff are at right at the heart of the Group’s success and, in keeping with earlier visions, the company has formed a team of Gelder “Visionaries” led by Operations Director Louisa Sharpe, and supported by the team at Lincoln College’s Human Alchemy.

“It was the “visionaries” task to explore different concepts of what we wanted to achieve over the next three years.  That work has involved hours of planning and the development of ideas, as well as an intensive two-day workshop,” said Steve.

“I was blown away to hear the abundance of ideas they came up with. Our Senior Management Team were then tasked with condensing these into something everyone could get behind and drive forward.”

Staff are being encouraged to get involved and ensure that the 2025 Vision becomes a reality. Vision team leaders Sarah Bates, Dave Ternent and Jonathan Meadows are encouraging workers to share their ideas and make suggestions, however imaginative!

“We have always focused heavily on our people. We believe the Group’s drive to achieve peak performance is all down to every member of our talented team and we ensure we great care to look after the mental and physical wellbeing of our people,” said Steve.

“We are proud of our attitude when it comes to being as environmentally friendly as possible. This is vitally important in today’s competitive environment when customers expect us to be clear about how we want to help preserve the planet for future generations. It’s all about creating a sustainable future for the upcoming generation in construction. We are naturally extremely proud of the positive environmental changes we are making to our planet. Our primary focus is on safeguarding our planet and inspiring a new generation in construction.

"Our vision is comprehensive, but by getting things right, and showing the world that we are serious about the things that really matter, we are getting noticed and this is feeding through to improved performance – and ultimately the bottom line. Delivering optimum performance through continuous improvement works. Our passion to learn, innovate, experiment and implement new ways of working will allow us to optimise the use of our most valuable resources.”

In line with Gelder Group’s Vision 2025 commitment to “creating a sustainable future for the new generation in construction, the first phase of solar panel installations at the group’s head office building is now complete. A total of 167 panels have been installed to various buildings – giving a cumulative carbon saving of some 11,681 kg’s.

Determined to lead the way when it comes to eco initiatives, the Group has also achieved Planet Mark certification. The solar panels, along with 3,200 trees planted in the Group’s environmental park (in 2007) mean that its head office activities are carbon neutral.

Plans to further develop Gelder Group’s Environmental Park, which already hosts successful woodland camps run by Wild in The Woods, include exciting plans for a 3G pitch, small café and a mini railway to run around the site!

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