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Embrace AI call to business professionals

Embrace AI call to business professionals

Business professionals have nothing to fear from AI and should embrace the technology,  communications experts have said. 

Experts from Nottingham based Motive PR said office based business workers should not fear Artificial Intelligence but should instead utilise its potential to make their lives easier.

They said AI can be utilised to speed up laborious tasks and make them much more time efficient, freeing up time which can then be spent more creatively. 

And they said that while many media reports have focused on AI’s potential to make humans redundant from their roles, most in professional jobs have little to fear. 

They said Artificial Intelligence offered a poor substitute for human creativity and communication in roles such as marketing and many other business disciplines where human connection and is key. 

Some media commentators have suggested that artificial intelligence could take over a whole host of jobs in an array of different industries. Others go even further, warning AI could be the beginning of the end for mankind with Terminator style robots taking over the world. 

But Issy Wood, from Motive PR said the reports of doom and gloom should be taken with a large pinch of salt. 

She said:

“Office-based jobs require a whole host of human values to keep the cogs spinning - and it is difficult to see how AI is going to replicate these types of services?

“In our own industry Digital PR revolves around building connections with clients, journalists and media outlets, nurturing these relationships to build trust, friendship, credibility and assurance. It’s these human values which cannot be replaced by a bot. Even SEO, which is usually perceived as a less creative and more technical discipline, still needs human oversight and direction to master. 

“Using AI to help with certain tasks can be really beneficial - it can save time when it comes to research which can instead be put into other, more creative aspects of a campaign.

“Artificial Intelligence can also be used to spark creativity. Marketers can ask AI to suggest ideas for a certain campaign and then use those as a springboard for their own ideation. AI is also a useful tool for a whole host of things such as translations, data analysis and refining crisis communications.

“But we can confidently say that although we can use bots to our advantage, AI is certainly not going to be able to replace human relationships or our natural ability to write effectively.”

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