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Nottingham Business School receives global ranking for excellence in executive education

Nottingham Business School receives global ranking for excellence in executive education

Nottingham Business School (NBS) has been ranked as one of the world’s top business schools for executive education by the Financial Times.

The FT Executive Education Ranking 2023 places NBS among the top institutions globally, affirming its commitment to delivering high-quality business programs and enhancing executive skills.

The Rankings evaluate the world's leading business schools based on various criteria, including course design, faculty, participant diversity, and overall satisfaction. They are widely regarded as a benchmark for assessing the quality and impact of executive education programs.

Placed at number 75, NBS is one of only seven UK business schools to be featured. It also ranks 6th for growth, 16th for faculty diversity and 45th for percentage of female participants in its courses.

With an emphasis on personalised and experiential learning, NBS offers a comprehensive range of versatile and bespoke executive education programs, designed to support both individual and organisational growth.

NBS has a worldwide reputation for innovation, insight, and leadership and is accredited to AACSB and EQUIS, the highest international standards for business school education. It is recognised by the Small Business Charter Scheme as one of the UK’s preeminent providers of business qualifications, as well as held up as an exemplar and beacon by the United Nations Principles of Responsible Management Education (PRME).

Executive Dean of Nottingham Business School, Professor Baback Yazdani, said:

“This ranking is evidence of our commitment to providing impactful executive education. We’ve helped a wide range of organisations to build their leadership capabilities, develop their workforce, and stand proud in dynamic markets. The extraordinary business pedigree of our international team ensures that the quality of our teaching, resourcing, and consultancy services sit at the forefront of modern business practice, giving learners the confidence, capacity, and credentials to thrive in the world of business.”

For more information about Nottingham Business School and its executive education programs, please visit the NBS website.

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