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Wellbeing expert hosts successful wellness event in Nottingham and launches new book

Wellbeing expert hosts successful wellness event in Nottingham and launches new book

As we enter spring 2023, Founder of Altered Health Solutions Ltd, Carley Mellors-Blair announces the launch of her first book I Am Not My Diagnosis. Alongside launching the book, on Sunday, the 26th of March, Carley co-hosted a wellness event at Nottingham Crowne Plaza Hotel, created to educate, motivate and activate attendees. 


Over the past 18 years, Carley has grown a successful holistic health clinic that practices functional wellness methods. More recently, Carley has used her powerful journey as inspiration for her debut book to motivate, help, and challenge people’s outlook on life. 


Alongside helping over 30,000 people so far on their journey to finding ultimate wellbeing, the wellness expert has been recognised for her efforts to academic research, acquiring prestigious awards from Loughborough University. Already achieving a degree in Social Sciences, Carley is also looking to undertake her masters degree in September 2023. 


After encountering a life-threatening diagnosis at the age of 23, Carley’s new book, I Am Not My Diagnosis emphasises the fact that most people, unfortunately, negate the value of their health and well-being until something is broken. The pages within this book are for those questioning their official diagnosis, challenging expectations and choosing to redefine their health and wellbeing. I Am Not My Diagnosis tells Carley’s journey through her own eyes, and serves as an inspiring reminder to put our health into a position of priority. 


Author of I AM Not My Diagnosis, Carley comments:


“This book is my story. It’s real life. It’s what I have done to get to where I am now, and It’s everything I did, step by step. This book truly represents how I continue to live my life. This book is unique because I don’t just sell this life; I use myself as my own science experiment, constantly learning and finding new techniques to help people become better versions of themselves.


“There are parts throughout the book which include self-reflective tasks. This essentially allows the reader to use this book as a self-reflective tool and a helping hand to implementing tangible changes into their daily lives.“

One of the prominent reasons for the wellness expert to write the book was to provide help to people who may find themselves in a similar situation to Carley.  Likewise, many of the practices Carley provides in her clinical services are to help people become the best version of themself possible and push boundaries relating to diagnosis. 


“When I received my diagnosis, I had no one to turn to. I had no one who had taken a holistic and non-pharmaceutical approach to this type of diagnosis and had achieved a remarkable outcome. Truth be known, to begin with, I felt extremely isolated and alone. The book goes into much deeper detail, but choosing this alternate route to reverse my diagnosis was one of the hardest decisions I have ever made. 


“If I can help anyone choosing to redefine their prognosis and outlook on life, then it's a win.


Still in recovery from serious illnesses, a patient of Carley’s who spoke at the recent wellness event said: “I’m still recovering. I had eight blood clots on my brain, and I couldn’t write or walk very well. The traditional medicine I was given, made me feel terribly absent and mentally unwell, to say the least. I was told by my doctor that my dreams and future would basically be changed for the worse, but I wasn’t going to stand for that.


“When I met Carley, one of the dreams I wanted to work towards was going to University. Carley didn’t hesitate in saying, “Let’s do it!” and I am now in my second year of University and achieving things that couldn’t have been possible before.


“I look back over my journey with Carley, and even the really bad struggles have taught me so much. If I had to go back and experience the same without my mindset now, I wouldn't be able to do it.”


Christine Latimer, who is not only the editor of I Am Not My Diagnosis but also a long-standing patient of Carley’s clinical practice and a friend, commented:


“Working with Carley on this book has been an amazing experience. She has been treating me for a chronic condition for many years, so I have experienced her therapeutic magic first-hand, but getting inside her head was a whole new adventure. 


“Being dyslexic, Carley found it easier to record her thoughts, which she then sent to me to transcribe. It was a long, sometimes frustrating journey, with a few tears and lots of laughter along the way. I thought I knew Carley well, but I learnt so much about her life, the struggles and heartbreak, as well as the triumphs and joy. She has used her life experiences to inform her work as a therapist, turning concepts and theories into practical lifestyle choices that anyone can adapt. 


“I feel proud that Carley chose me to help her on this writing journey. I am looking forward to our partnership continuing.”


David R Hamilton PhD, a leading expert in mind and body connection, best-selling author, columnist, public speaker and kindness scientist, provides the foreword for I Am Not My Diagnosis:


“I have found Carley’s book compelling reading. While my changes merely made my body and mind feel better, Carley’s may have saved her life.


“I hope you take some inspiration from Carley’s story. In these pages, she shares some of her life story and the challenges she faced. Then she shares what she did about it, and the changes she made to her mindset, lifestyle, and food intake. 


“I hope you enjoy the reading and learn something valuable from it. I certainly did!”

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