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95-Year-Old Leicester Choir Reveal Rebrand

95-Year-Old Leicester Choir Reveal Rebrand

Leicester Bach Choir, a 95-year-old choir based in the beautiful St James the Greater Church, has rightly so become one of Leicester's best love institutions over the last (almost) century!

In 2022, after a challenging and somewhat damaging few years due to Covid, the Leicester Bach Choir set out to rebuild and renew itself with a new logo, an updated website, and a fresh digital marketing approach.

The aim was to reinvigorate the choir to in turn attract a younger audience, but to ensure that the history and heritage wasn’t lost at all, but enhanced, in their new and improved look.

Leicester Bach Choir entrusted local Leicester design agency, Creative62, with creating a new identity that would do their 95-year-old brand justice. The iconic Leicester choir were presented with three unique logos to choose from, each touching on the three main elements of the brand, the aim to modernise, the link to Bach and one design situating the beautiful church that the Leicester Bach Choir call home. Ultimately, they settled on a traditional logo inspired by the inky signature of Bach himself, keeping their history alive.

Creative62 set the singers up for their next concert with posters and leaflets in their brand-new style, implementing QR codes to make it easier for people to book their concert tickets. A tried and proven technique, that helped boost the choirs ticket sales largely.

Mark Robinson, Director of Creative62, said:

“It’s always fun to get involved in a passion project every so often, using our skill and expertise to provide design and digital services to make a real local impact. It was an honour to have been chosen to work on such an iconic establishment in Leicester, and its very important brand identity.”

Jennifer Clegg, the Chair of Leicester Bach Choir, said:

“Throughout, Creative62 have been engaged, informed and responsive: at our side as we embarked upon a major programme of change in just 6 months.

As promised at the outset, Creative62 have given us more than just a rebrand. The new logo, flyers and posters bring a zesty newness that has energised the whole choir, but there is more. I have had invaluable advice on Facebook marketing, the use of QR codes that connect to our ticketing agency on flyers and the website, and an introduction to a photographer.

What have been the effects? The audience for our November concert was notably bigger and younger than had previously been the case. The choir was already starting to reconnect and regenerate, but that process has been enhanced by the energy put into and got out of the rebranding process. Its new vibrancy has attracted absent singers back, and new singers to join.”

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