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Whetstone Baptist Church to become support hub for the local disabled community.

Whetstone Baptist Church to become support hub for the local disabled community.

Mosaic 1898, a leading disability charity in the UK, are proud to announce its purchase of the historic Whetstone Baptist Church, with plans to create an all-encompassing hub for the local disabled community.

Mosaic 1898 are a Leicestershire based disability charity providing life-enhancing support and care services to over 2,200 local disabled people, promoting inclusion, equality, independence, choice, empowerment, respect, and dignity for all. Founded in 1898, the purchase of Whetstone Baptist Church marks the 125th anniversary of the charity and aims to act as a catalyst to further their work in enhancing the lives of disabled people by creating spaces where disabled communities can thrive. Mosaic 1898 envision working closely with local businesses and community organisations too, to ensure that people have access to the resources and support that they need to succeed and live well.

The location of the Whetstone Baptist Church is particularly significant, as it has been a staple in the community for many years. Mosaic 1898 plan to preserve the historic nature of the building, while modernising it to meet the needs of disabled people and the community.

Comprising of three separate buildings, the church site will become a hub for disabled people, their families, and the South Leicestershire community. The Manse, a 3-bed home on the church grounds, will be transformed into an around-the-clock respite care facility providing sought after non-nursing short-breaks for disabled people with complex needs. The church’s community buildings are set to become a fully accessible and equipped hive for Mosaic 1898’s work, from their adult day services, disabled children’s clubs, holistic therapy, and wellbeing sessions, to peer support groups and information services. The buildings will also offer shared spaces for local business and education. Finally, the iconic chapel is envisaged to become a vibrant place for community support offering opportunities for exhibitions, events, outreach, vocational training, and plenty more to the local people.

"We are thrilled to announce the purchase of the Whetstone Baptist Church," said Zoheb Shariff, CEO of Mosaic 1898. "This is a significant milestone for our organisation and a critical step in our ongoing efforts to create a more inclusive and supportive community for disabled people. We look forward to serving the community from this new location for years to come."


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