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What makes happy and healthy communities?

What makes happy and healthy communities?

At Coalville CAN we believe much of the power to create great neighbourhoods lies in harnessing the gifts and talents of local people and connecting them with each other, and, having spaces and places in community ownership so local people get to decide what happens in them.


CAN HQ is the first of these buildings in Coalville. Situated on the clock tower and over 3 floors, it has a lovely feel about it and great views.

The ground floor is a welcoming, creative, community space – and you are invited to visit.

The space includes MAKERS, a shop for local creatives; Oh Sew Splendid and Wobbly Pins - sewing and craft spaces; Tech Shack with Harry and Repair Bench with Ken, a flexible exhibition / gallery space and two interconnected workshop spaces that can be hired out for activities at any time.

Do you know a local MAKER or someone with retail experience that might want to help to run the shop?

Has someone you know got gifts and talents they could share with others?

Do you know an art group that would like to curate their own exhibition?

Oh Sew Splendid would love to hear from anyone interested in sewing!

Join Phil and learn pyrography or let us know what you would like to learn.

What ever your skill or interest why not pop in for a chat and we can see if we can help to get you connected!   

For the latest activities and exhibition, workshops and existing groups check out facebook or the website

For the first and second floor office and meeting spaces check out  

Feel free to give us a call on 01530 659789 or pop in!  Public opening Thursday, Friday Saturday 10 till 4pm

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