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Penny Price Wins Lifetime Achievement Award from the Federation of Holistic Therapists

Penny Price Wins Lifetime Achievement Award from the Federation of Holistic Therapists

Established in 1962, the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT) is the largest professional organisation for complementary, holistic, beauty and sports therapists, along with providing support for those training or teaching in this innovative and growing industry.

The FHT Excellence Awards recognise and celebrate the incredible work their members carry out in their practices, as well as those who share a passion for training and education in the field.

This year the FHT were excited to launch the 'Lifetime Achievement Award' to recognise a member who has dedicated their career to the health and wellbeing of others and gone above and beyond to give their time to hospitals, charities and good causes.

The award was presented virtually to Penny by Christopher Byrne, judge and former FHT President, who was happy to announce Penny the winner after being a lead in her industry for more than four decades, starting in 1983. Christopher noted her achievements as an author, aromatherapy tutor and product developer over the years.

Penny established her own company in 2003 with the ethos to deliver only the best in training and products. She lives and breathes aromatherapy and has built her company from the ground up! From modest beginnings teaching from a living room the company now has purpose-built academies in the UK, Japan, Hong Kong and Canada, training aromatherapists and massage therapists, as well as a huge outreach through e-learning.

Not content with just being a purveyor of aromatherapy products and teacher, Penny advanced into consulting on formulation and contract manufacture for large cosmetic clients and has since collaborated on a number of award-winning products, some even endorsed by celebrities!

Penny was informed of her win by her Team, after being nominated by one of them, and her initial reaction, and comments were

‘I am stunned, shocked, and truly honoured to have won this prestigious award, which will have pride of place on my mantelpiece at home. I am so happy, thank you all so very much’.

Penny is devoted to advancing the worlds perception of aromatherapy and passing on her knowledge through blogs, articles, and webinars to keep therapists ever developing. The Principal of the Penny Price Academy of Aromatherapy Penny is continuously updating notes and is active in the training of new tutors and staff to meet her standards. As Penny winds down to retirement (but remains as a consultant) this award is very much deserved to recognise the advancement and impact she has had on the complementary therapy world for nearly 4 decades! It is hard to quantify how many aromatherapists are out their using her knowledge and methods to better the lives of their clients and how much good she has done directly and indirectly throughout her career.

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