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200 People and Counting Helped by Lincolnshire Invention for Parkinson’s

200 People and Counting Helped by Lincolnshire Invention for Parkinson’s

Over the last 12 months, Eye Guide MC, an award-winning Lincolnshire business that fits Parkinson’s sufferers with its non-surgical device to alleviate symptoms of the disease, has already improved the lives of hundreds of people.

The Eye Guide MC device was created by 60-year-old local lady Sandra McDonough, who suffers from Parkinson’s, after discovering that when holding a knitting marker on her glasses there was an immediate effect on her Hemispatial Neglect, a condition which meant she had no awareness of the world on the left side of her body.

Since that moment and further product development, Sandra alongside her husband Chris have set up the Eye Guide MC clinic in Spalding and have welcomed over 200 people living with Parkinson’s from across the UK through their doors to be fitted with the non-intrusive device.

Sandra, founder and inventor of Eye Guide MC, commented:

“Since we launched the business, we’ve received nothing but support from both our local community and our Parkinson’s support network. We’ve fitted just over 200 devices in such a short space of time. But this is just the start, and we have even bigger plans for the future with a clinic expansion on the horizon.”

The Eye Guide MC device sits over the wearers’ ear, like a hearing aid does and lines up with their visual field. It contains no batteries, no wires, no plugs and requires no surgery to fit. 

The device must be fitted by an Eye Guide MC specialist to each individuals’ specifications.

Sandra added:

“I really love getting to know each and every person who either walks through our doors or we’ve personally visited. I’m also in a very unique position to understand the needs of people with Parkinson’s and their concerns, as I too suffer from Parkinson’s.

“It feels as though we have our own Eye Guide MC community now. I’m really proud of what my team has achieved, and the high success rate of the device is something we tell people with pride.”

A clinical trial is due to commence over the coming months led by the University of Lincoln.

The Productivity Programme for Greater Lincolnshire is delivered by the University of Lincoln and funded by the European Regional Development Fund to help small businesses do things differently through grant funding, business support and collaboration with the academic capacity of the University.

The device has already helped many with Parkinson’s symptoms, including tremors, speech, movement, sleep, and walking.

The Eye Guide MC device has also recently received the Innovation Award at both the Lincolnshire Live and South Holland Business Awards. The awards recognised Sandra McDonough and her team’s incredible achievement in inventing and developing a device that can improve the lives of those with Parkinson’s.

If you are living with Parkinson’s and want to find out more about the Eye Guide MC device, contact the team on 01406 362028 or email The friendly team are based at their clinic in Long Sutton, Spalding.

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