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Alphageek invites retailers to join the Black Friday frenzy with a get-together and a no-sales no-fee campaign

Alphageek invites retailers to join the Black Friday frenzy with a get-together and a no-sales no-fee campaign

A Derby digital agency will roll out the red carpet to its e-commerce clients on Black Friday by hosting an event designed to demonstrate how online sales go into a frenzy throughout the day.

Alphageek Digital is using the event to showcase how Black Friday, which falls on November 25, will unfold in real time by displaying everyone’s online sales figures on screens at its headquarters in Cubo, in Victoria Street, as they enjoy food and drink.

The award-winning firm, which is run by young entrepreneurs Art Lindop, Kieran Flynn and Alex Mills, came up with the event to show how important the day has become with buyers once again expected to flock to the internet in their millions to snap up bargains posted online by the world’s biggest brands.

And Alphageek is inviting more retailers who are not currently planning Black Friday campaigns to get involved, by offering them an exclusive “no-results, no-fee” deal if they want to get involved too.

Black Friday is believed to date back to 1950s Philadelphia, when the police identified it as a day of disruption on the day after Thanksgiving Holiday, when holiday shoppers flooded into the city ahead of a major American football game.

It has now become a worldwide sales phenomenon, with buyers helping retailers to make sales worth £9.4bn on Black Friday purchases in the UK alone last year, including electronics, clothing, furniture and food.

Alphageek has been preparing Black Friday campaigns for its clients, which include Casio’s G-SHOCK watches, high-tech sportswear firm HUUB and local doughnut bakers Project D, for weeks, and says it plans to treat its customers on the day itself.

Alex, who is also the firm’s sales director, said:

“We think that the cost-of-living crisis will encourage people to wait until Black Friday so that they can get bargains, so it will still be a massive day in the year for us.

“Our customers took part in 2021 saw a 13-times return on their investments and even those who didn’t take part saw a spike in sales, simply because so many buyers were on the internet during the day and over the following weekend.

“That’s why we’re putting our money where our mouth is by inviting our clients along to share the day with us and saying to anyone that if we do them a campaign and it doesn’t work then we’ll happily not send them the invoice.”

Originally set up in 2019, Alphageek offers a whole range of digital marketing services including social media advertising, pay-per-click, web services and content creation, for companies across a range of industries and across four continents.

Earlier this year it picked up two awards in the Breakthrough and Entrepreneur of the Year categories of the East Midlands Chamber Generation Next 2022 awards, which are open to individuals who are aged under 35.

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