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New Leicester Group Takes Aim at Cancer in Younger Age Groups

New Leicester Group Takes Aim at Cancer in Younger Age Groups

Experts say cancer should not be considered a disease impacting only those in middle age or beyond and that cancer prevention is an effort that may need to begin far younger than one might think.

Leicestershire and Rutland Charity Hope Against Cancer have launched a new initiative, ‘Hopeful Futures’, which aims to increase cancer awareness amongst a younger audience to encourage early detection and prevention.

The charity, which is recognised for funding cutting-edge research and the Hope Cancer Trials Centre at the Leicester Hospitals, identified the importance of spreading cancer awareness to the younger generation to support the mission of creating a future without cancer.

Hope Vice-Chair Eileen Perry MBE who founded the group said

“We know that 5,000 people in Leicestershire and Rutland are diagnosed with cancer each year. That’s 5,000 individuals, 5,000 families and countless more friends impacted. And a major recent study* has identified the risk of cancer in young adults is rising at an alarming rate—and is expected to keep increasing with every new generation.

The Hopeful Futures Board aims to provide support for young people who are living with cancer in one way or another, whilst also educating and fundraising to ensure that we are striving towards a better future for those diagnosed with cancer”.

The young board of professionals, each with their own motivators for supporting Hopeful Futures, consist of Beth Grundy from PPL PRS, Chloe Ireland from Empire Finance, Emily Smith from Michael Smith Switchgear, Laura Filer from ER Recruitment, Nathan Smith from Mattioli Woods and Tinashe Sigauke from Soar Valley Press. The 6 of them will work closely with educational institutions and young people in business to raise awareness of the importance of looking after our health, educating on the fantastic research and development being conducted and engaging them in supporting Hopeful Futures events to raise money in aid of local research and clinical trials.

Hope CEO Nigel Rose stated

“Growing awareness and the audience for Hope is an ongoing must, and involving leaders who have a high profile in the up-and-coming business generation is a turbo-charged way of doing just that. Plus, there’s succession and continuity to think of!”

The Hopeful Futures Group will be celebrating their official launch on Tuesday 6th December at Brick & Beam in Leicester. Attendees will get the opportunity to hear about the groups mission whilst enjoying food, fizz and live music. Tickets are on sale through Eventbrite, the link can be found on the groups ‘Hopeful Futures Board’ LinkedIn page.

The charity is renowned for their subgroup ‘Hope Through Business’, run by Eileen Perry MBE alongside Pick Everards’ Duncan Green, which connects the business community and encourages firms to support Hope through a monthly direct debit, offering a number of rewards including 2 annual lunches, networking and support with incorporating ‘Hope’ activities within their HR and corporate strategy. The charity hopes that the young board will achieve the same level of success and will be instrumental in gaining support and funding for Hope’s cancer research for generations to come.


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